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  • Accuracy And Precision Lab Report

    Strength All the data obtained from this experiment is plotted on the graph. The accuracy and precision can be determined from the graph. Based on the graph , as the line do not pass the origin , it can be deducted that the result is fairly accurate. Since there are few outliers on the graph , the precision of this graph is moderate. Accuracy of the graph is affected by systematic errors while the precision is affected by random errors. A few measures had been taken prior in getting more accurate and precise results. Firstly , the experiment was repeated three times ( with the same slotted mass ) so that more accurate average time taken to complete one revolution can be found . In addition, this helps to make the result more reliable as repeating experiment at least three times can reduce anomalous result. Anomalous data is the flaws in experiment and may affect the accuracy of the result. Then , the electronic weighing balance used in this experiment was zeroed before the weighing process took place. We cannot directly weigh all the apparatus on the weighing balance. As the electronic weighing balance is very sensitive , we must always tare or calibrate it until the reading become zero. This is to ensure that all of the equipment used in this experiment were weighed accurately. Although it is assumed that the mass of the…

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  • Traveling Salesman Problem (TSP): Firefly Algorithm

    INTRODUCTION Traveling Salesman Problem (TSP) is a classical combinatorial optimization problem, easy to describe but hard to solve. TSP consists of salesman and N cities, the goal of this problem is to visit each city by the salesman once with minimum tour length. The challenge in TSP is to find the route that has minimum distance. TSP can be presented via complete graph as follows: G = (V, E). Where V is the set of vertices which is equal to the number of cities and E is the set of edges…

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  • Bayesian Network And System Dynamics Theory

    The second source is a book which introduced the basic concepts and applications of this methodology. The authors concentrated on the causal discovery of networks and the techniques of using Bayesian networks. Furthermore, they discussed the utilisation of this methodology for causal modelling. This source is important at the initial stage of the project as it contributes to the decision-making process at the modelling technique selection stage. However, it is not as important as the other two…

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  • Best-First Search Paper

    Beam search is an informed algorithm for searching a graph that extends the Breadth-First search (Jungwirth, 2006). The Breadth-First search is essentially a special-case Best-First search where the evaluation function, f(n) is the same as the heuristics function, h(n) (JONES, 2008). Therefore in order to properly discuss Beam search, there is the need for a brief introduction to Best-First algorithm. The Best-First search traverses a tree from top to bottom and searches for nodes on the same…

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  • Graph Theory In Transport Planning Essay

    applications of graph theory in transport planning. A graph is a symbolic representation of a network and of its connectivity that has a set of nodes and a set of edges where each edge connects to two nodes. Graph representations offer a convenient means of handling the topological and associated information describing a road network and the use of graph theory in supporting network analysis and generalization. Therefore, an appropriate classification of road data must take into account…

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  • Trend Line Analysis

    of the data. Also, the creation of a trend line allows a correlation between the two subjects to be viewed easier. Trend lines help people accurately determine future outcomes that can come in handy if there is a problem. This is possible because trend lines make it easier to find the slope intercept equation. This equation could be used to find future points in the graph. In this essay I will try to determine who is the best basketball player between Lebron James and Michael Jordan by using a…

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  • Nt1310 Unit 5 Modular Networks Model

    networks are designed with the same number of nodes NA=NB=N. Then, we coupled the two isolated networks with a certain preferences. Watts and Strogatz in their seminal paper discovered that many real-world networks are neither random nor regular but somewhere in between, and they proposed a method for constructing such networks, i.e., WS networks[5]. Given that, we created the small-world modular networks model as follows. First, M isolated modules, each with the WS structure, are constructed,…

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  • Berkeley Drinks Less Soda

    With her article “Faced With a New Tax, Berkeley Drinks Less Soda,” published in The Upshot of the New York Times on August 25, 2016, health care reporter Margot Sanger enters a fierce debate about the impact of the soda tax on the consumption of sugary drink. Since 2014 when the tax first went into effect in Berkeley, California; attempts to impose the tax have been a matter of public controversy, and this is what motivated Sanger to produce this piece. The story’s “Kairotic moment,” as…

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  • Essay On Group Reflection

    There were 12 members in my LAPD group presentation including myself. It was my first time having to work with people that I have just met to produce a 50-minute presentation. Before forming a group, I was worried as we are to work in big groups and group size is one of the main factors that may affect a group performance. At first, I felt like we could not delegate our roles equally, as I had past experiences of doing most of the group work. However, during the first workshop, our tutor gave…

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  • Teacher Collaboration Reflection Report

    As I was reading the final chapter of the 5 Practices book, I was reminded of how important collaboration is – not only for my college studies but more importantly for my future teaching career. Reflecting on the work Sam & I put into our unit plan for this course, it was helpful to talk through ideas with one another and to see the different perspectives we each had. There are many times where I get stuck in my own thinking and it is truly helpful to be able to gain a fresh outlook when working…

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