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  • Gratitude For Research Paper

    Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace and gratitude-Denis Waitley The practice of gratitude is not new; it is one of deep innate soul wisdom passed down through the ages and the glue that sustains the best of society and our connection with others. If gratitude is a state of being that is essential to a good life, why then, do we not cultivate and express it on a daily basis? Perhaps the reason we do not make gratitude a part of our daily lives is that the fast pace and multiple distractions of life have made it all too easy to forget the importance of gratitude. The self-help shelves in any bookstore are lined with books on gratitude; memes abound on social media stating the likes of ‘an attitude of…

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  • Reflection In Health And Social Care Essay

    and tidied up the dinner table. The next day at pre-conference, a colleague of mine had a similar encounter with another patient. Our clinical teacher reiterated the fact that as students and as a visitor to the facility, that we cannot take any gifts, for our services, from the patients, whether monetary or food or etc. Furthermore, our clinical teacher taught us some techniques in how to approach any similar situation that might arise in the future of our young careers, without the client’s…

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  • Definition Essay On Maturity

    appreciate others for the contribution they have made to their success. A mature person will also give thanks to the creator for the talents accorded to them. They are aware that without this most of their accomplishments would not have been feasible. Most of the decisions associated with mature individuals are based on character and not feelings. This could be described as the ability to live by values. There are inherent principles that tend to guide decisions. This enhances the capacity to…

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  • Graduation Speech: Twin Valley High School

    about telling the truth. But according to Oprah Winfrey: “Real integrity is not trying to fool anyone … it’s “doing the right thing, knowing that nobody’s going to know whether you did it or not.” Secret number three is … have an attitude of gratitude. Successful people show gratitude not just in moments of accomplishment, but they are aware and totally thankful for all of the good things that are present in their lives. This is often the motivator that spurs them on to go after more good…

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  • Oldcastle Precast Mid-Atlantic Group: Case Study

    Rescue Mission. The volunteers participated in welcoming shoppers and soliciting grocery supplies, money, or gift card donations at the Giant Food Store located at 3926 Linden St in Bethlehem, Pa. The event was extremely successful, providing much needed food for the coming year. This event raises 80% of the Missions required food requirements for the year. This event is done yearly and employs volunteer teams at (8) local Giant grocery stores and (4) Wal-Mart stores. Representatives from…

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  • Positive Psychotherapy Study

    In 2005 researchers Martin E. P. Seligman, Tracy A. Steen, Nansook Park and Christopher Peterson set out to study six interventions titled Empirical Validation of Interventions. It was a one week online study with 411 participants who volunteered to participate in happiness building activities. The daily activities included: noting three subjective blessings, a gratitude letter and a visit, becoming familiarized with skills, discovering new ways to apply your skills and noting your personal…

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  • Reflective Essay: My Experience Of Reading And Writing

    Reading and writing is a way that people can express themselves in a unique way. Reading and writing has been a popular hobby for people over a course of many years and a source of great entertainment. People write stories as a way of entertaining themselves and some sell these writings and end up making great profit from it. Some writers create beautiful poems and share their feelings through these poems to different audiences. There are many people that write because they can put their…

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  • Workplace Gratitude

    Job Satisfaction Canada’s human resource management article, “The Benefits of Workplace Gratitude” gives insight to readers and potential human resource managers on how showing signs of gratitude in the workplace can improve job satisfaction as well as other issues within employees. Common signs of gratitude like saying “please” and “thank you” can go a long way in improving the overall workplace behavior (Hilton, 2016). Before we can get into why job satisfaction is improved by gratitude, I…

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  • The Importance Of Gratitude

    Gratitude You need to be grateful for something: It could be for the beautiful weather in the morning, for feeling healthy, or for personal things you have achieved. Gratitude has to do with appreciation. You may decide to appreciate the nature, count your blessings and acknowledge, all the things you have acquired over time. Gratitude places emphasis on the abundance you have acquired. People who often practice gratitude by taking their time to observe and reflect upon the things they are…

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  • Descriptive Essay: The First Vietnam War

    instant. Just like that. Over. The only friend I had known in this God-forsaken place was gone to this pointless war.... "Steve!" Ponyboy shook him awake, quickly making sushing noises to keep him quiet and to calm him down. "Your safe. It's okay. Your alright." Steve jumped awake, but Ponyboy's soothing kept him from crying out and waking up anyone else. He gasped, breathing heavily. "Sorry. I just didn't think you would want anyone to know," Ponybly mumbled quietly, feeling slightly…

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