Grave robbery

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  • How Did Victor Frankenstein Pour A Torrent Light Into Our Dark World

    While the act of grave digging is unlawful and horrific, it surprisingly was a common practice during this time. Grave robbery is considered the world’s second oldest profession, and has been practiced for centuries, however most of these robberies would be for the wealth buried with the deceased. Grave robberies for the actual bodies was an emerging practice of the time of Frankenstein (Shultz). Author Meghan Highet published a journal about body snatching and the history behind it. She wrote, “The need for cadavers for dissection began to increase substantially after about 1820 when medical schools changed the way they taught human anatomy”. With the advancements of medical schools, the need for hands on practice for the medical students increased. Unfortunately, due to a lack of resources for cadavers, many schools turned to body snatching, and the practices even became a paid affair for the actual grave robbers (Shultz). To justify these acts, the idea of body commodification was instituted to show that a dead no longer has a soul and therefore can have no owner. “For many, this is sufficient reasoning to resolve any ethical issues regarding how, once placed in the grave, the person is somehow transformed into a valuable and marketable item that can be extracted like a natural resource from the ground, fully transformed into a commodity with the potential to generate profit through sale to the scientific community” (Highet). This idea left grave robberies to be…

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  • Reflection On The Cahokian Burial Practices

    specialization of burials Brown separates the burials into three main categories, disarticulated, partly disarticulated, and articulated. Once these are broken down and each burial’s specializations measured, he concluded that the partly disarticuated remains and the articulated remains are on average unspecualized (Brown, 1971, p. 98). This charcteristic shows less manipulation of the body after death for those in burials with less protected and elaborate burials. To even further the evidence…

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  • Cultural Genocide Essay

    the cemeteries is that they are able to memorialize individuals so the identity of the deceased is enshrined within the site. To do so, the gravesite must be divided by roads and paths and each grave must have its own ‘address”, giving the families a sense of control over that particular part of land where the grave is present. In the past cemeteries offered families rights over burial plots so the remains of the deceased would never be removed. Additionally, apart from the certain physical…

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  • Summary Of Cry By Zulema

    surroundings, which prompts her to recall certain things which eventually lead her to recall the time Mariana took Zulema and the narrator to see Isabella’s grave for the first time, with the narrator mentioning how she had felt anxious which prompted her to wonder if Zulema had felt the same way. This is a telling part of the story as it gives more indication as to how close the narrator was to her aunt that she was able to share such an intimate moment with them, and prompted the narrator to…

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  • Rhetorical Pathos In Abraham Lincoln's The Gettysburg Address

    About one hundred and fifty-five years ago, Abraham Lincoln gave “The Gettysburg Address” on a blood soaked battlefield in Pennsylvania (Brown). “The Gettysburg Address” was first verbalized months after the battle of Gettysburg at a service to dedicate the opening of the national cemetery (The Editors of Encyclopædia Britannica). Lincoln’s Address was spoken to the citizens and soldiers of the union in the wake of the second invasion of the North by Robert E. Lee (The Battle of Gettysburg Facts…

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  • Anointing In The Middle Ages

    Popular belief was that the soul could rest only when the body has been laid in a proper grave. The period from the fifth to the tenth century the sarcophagi fell out of use and became very limited to the wealthy and prominent Christians in Roman society. By the Middle Ages sarcophagi were rarely used and were beyond the reach of the majority of Christian members. Likewise, catacombs and underground burial places were out of date during the eighth and ninth centuries, despite the importance of…

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  • Mahatma Gandhi's View On War

    Gandhi helped to teach us a great deal of things in Hind swaraj or Home Rule, but his explanation in section sixteen is what stood out the most to me. It spoke of Brute force and how it is used as a tactic to achieve specific goals and explain the outcome. This does not sound like a great deal to do, however it brings to question on the idea of authority and how it is connected to the physical aspect of it. Why humans find the means of using such force to be deceivingly justifiable. Another…

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  • Essay On Workplace Security

    In light of events that have taken place in the United States it is imperative that companies of all sizes have security plans in place to protect vital information and more importantly employees. Workplace security must be taken seriously in order for a company of any size to be successful. The amount of security that a company has depends entirely upon ownership, but is often based on the size and population of a company. Criminals are getting smarter and more daring in their efforts to…

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  • Character Analysis Of Jack And The Beanstalk

    reality, Jack is a thief and a killer who shows no remorse because of his greed for money and desire to be accepted by his mother. Jack stole from the Giant multiple times, blindly robbed and killed in an attempt to earn his mother’s love and manipulated situations for his own gain – all without feeling any guilt or regret. This simple, imaginative fairytale covers up Jack’s true criminal intentions. The first reason Jack is a criminal who has no regrets is because he stole from the Giant…

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  • Why Is Gun Control A Problem In America?

    In 2002 there were 30,242 deaths by a gun (Elder 38). Two brothers playing stick up shot each other since they didn’t know the gun was loaded (Fagan 16). This was their own fault and stupidity and there is no one to blame but themselves and their parents. In efforts to stop this, laws are passed. There were a drop in murder rates and robbery rates in states that didn’t allow citizens to carry and conceal weapons (Gold 114). There are other ways to stop crime without taking away our rights. If…

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