Bayesian network

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  • Bayesian Network And System Dynamics Theory

    of this methodology. The authors concentrated on the causal discovery of networks and the techniques of using Bayesian networks. Furthermore, they discussed the utilisation of this methodology for causal modelling. This source is important at the initial stage of the project as it contributes to the decision-making process at the modelling technique selection stage. However, it is not as important as the other two sources after it was decided not to be used as the modelling method for the system model of this project. Bayesian networks are diagrams for uncertain interpretation in which the nodes denote factors which can either be discrete or continuous, X = X1,…

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  • Postdoctoral Fellowship Proposal

    There are several methods available to reconstruct networks from this widely available data format. My emphasis on the method of Bayesian networks (BN) has relied on their non-pairwise mechanism of inference that introduces effects of “third variables” as a way to control confounding. The vast use and development of BN provides multiple tools to model diverse complexity issues, such as their approaches to causality. Two types of interdependent network models are proposed: factor based and agent…

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  • Bayesian Methods In Spatial Statistics

    this essay, we present a discussion about Bayesian methods in Spatial Statistics. Bayesian methods are approaches to statistical inferences which have been around for several decades and are also used in Geographic Information Systems. The application of these methods in practical problems has increased significantly within the last few years due to recent advances in tools for computation and simulation [1]. At the heart of any Bayesian data analysis method are the likelihood function, which…

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  • Bayesian Adaptive Clinical Study

    Finally, I decided to research on Bayesian adaptive clinical trials. Unlike conventional clinical trials have substantial uncertainty in intervention arms (e.g. uncertainty in optimal dose/duration), adaptive clinical trials allow us to modify key trial parameters as we are acquiring more information during the experiments, thus reducing the uncertainty and speeding up the evaluation of interventions. Also, adaptive clinical trials allow for dropping arms that do not work well during the…

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  • Nate Silver's The Signal And The Noise

    In the book “the Signal and the noise”, author Nate Silver talks about prediction from many different angles. Silver explains how prediction is a part of our everyday life and how it affects us. From math to history, inside of a class room or on a court/field, prediction is something we deal with on a day to day basis unconsciously. Silver talks about the benefits of failure and how failure is helpful in the long run with making predictions. Throughout the years we have made progress with…

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  • Caregroup Case Study Summary

    making sure that working knowledge is up-to-date is something that should always be kept in mind. This is part of the software development life cycle during the maintenance and quality assurance step. 4. Beware of users armed with just enough knowledge to be dangerous: There should always be steps in place and contingency plans for all possible attacks on a system or network. It is good that this lesson was learned sooner rather than later so that the IT team stays vigilant and supervises…

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  • Network Movie Analysis

    Maximizing shareholder’s wealth is the most important business managers or chief executives ' responsibility. When the company becomes public, investors supply assets and cash. In order to keep up those assets, the chief executive or manager has to make decisions to increase the shareholder 's return, which occasionally can be inhuman and unethical. In Network, it displays Frank Hackett’s willingness (Robert Duvall) to make decisions, which is in his favor but intentionally puts Howard Beale…

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  • Brokeage Theory Paper

    organizations and actors involved in professional development or about interactions among them. Yet, the the structure of networks in a field influence the availability and flow of ideas (Beckert, 2010a). The available ideas, in turn, influence which practices are adopted (Beckert, 2010a; Coburn, 2004; 2005a; Rao et al., 2003). Influence actors can play a critical role in the promotion of ideas (Burt, 1999). In this study, influence PD actors came from a variety of…

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  • Howard Beale: The Rise And Fall Of The Media

    the film Network that was about a news anchorman named Howard Beale, who had been in the same industry for eleven years working at The Union Broadcasting System (UBS). Beale was known for being “the mandarin of television” throughout the 1960s with outstanding ratings. However, his career soon came to a downfall in the late 1960s. In 1969, Beale’s ratings began to drop. Soon after that, he lost his wife and fell into a deep depression and started to drink excessively. His job was the only thing…

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  • Community Detection Essay

    Abstract. Multidimensionality in social networks is a great issue that came out into view as a result of that most social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube allow people to interact with each other through different social activities. The community detection in such mul- tidimensional social networks has attracted a lot of attention in the resent years. When dealing with these networks the concept of community de- tection changes to be, the discovery of the…

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