Bayeux Tapestry

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  • The Bayeux Tapestry

    The 14th of October 1066 began one of history’s most memorable battles to ever be recorded. All thanks to an incredible piece of artwork called The Bayeux Tapestry. The Tapestry tells a story of events leading up to The Battle of Hastings. In such remarkable detail that it 's mostly why the battle is still known so well even today. Its thanks to that very detail that we can better understand the factors that contributed to Harold Godwinsons loss to the Normans. Did a simple mistake cost hime all of England? Could it have been prevented? Or was it as William thought “divine intervention” (Howarth,167). Godwinsons battle at Stamford Bridge on the 30th of September 1066 was the beginning of the end for Harold. Viking King Hardrada accompanied…

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  • 1066 The Year Of The Conquest Analysis

    1066: The Year of the Conquest is a book by David Howarth trying to express the year 1066 through its battles. Specifically, the peace that the battles disrupted and the people involved such as the dukes, kings, earls, nobles, and the commoners. His goal is not to provide facts on what happened, his goal is to show his readers- whether they are scholars or those who enjoy history- the drama that unfolded that year, with as many reliable sources as possible. Howarth describes the year by…

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  • The Bayeux Tapestry: The Laws Of William The Conqueror

    The Bayeux Tapestry, most likely commissioned in the 1070s by Bishop Odo of Bayeux, serves to depict approximately fifty events related to the Battle of Hastings (Reading Museum, "Bayeux Tapestry"). This tapestry is divided into thirteen parts and is over 70 meters long (Reading Museum, "Bayeux Tapestry"). This is where most of the history of the battle is depicted. It was made only about eleven years after the conquest, showing how quickly the rebirth took place. Interestingly, even the art…

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  • Kelpie Greek Mythology

    horse, yellow fur, and a single flesh-covered horn on its head” (Wang Web). It is sometimes even referenced as the ‘Chinese unicorn’. This animal seems to maintain the features of a hybrid, similar to a Griffin in other mythologies. Unlike a kelpie or a hippocampus, though, the majority of unicorns are a good omen. In poetry from China, they are seen as a symbol of virtue and serenity, similar to the symbol of purity a European unicorn withholds. Many works of literature and art have been…

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  • William The Conqueror Ideology

    William the Conqueror exploited people for their loyalty, which resulted in the Bayeux Tapestry only exemplifying his positive attributes. William took control over England by using tactics and strategies that were underhanded. As his first tactic of gaining the throne, William rescued Harold, the right hand man of King Edward, who happened to be the King of England at that time, only…

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  • William The Conqueror Analysis

    The sources are beneficial in terms of learning how military of Normandy worked and they give an insight of the character of William the Conqueror. All three sources, were about the invasion of England by William the Conqueror. The Medieval sourcebook tells us the battle between English King Harold and Duke William of Normandy. It portrayed image of hardworking soldiers and the leader which conquered a country. The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle: Assessment of William I, is more about what kind of a man…

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  • The Longbow Research Paper

    “ ,and last but not least “Circa 2,690 BC Evidence of longbow being used in Somerset England. “All of this evidence leads to only one conclusion, The longbow has been around for hundreds of decades. So all of those people who thought that it is not a old technology, Shame on you, and did you know that the longbow is the very first long range weapon ever thought of? Also the first victory for the longbow was during 1298 against the Scots. The longbow also played a very important role in making…

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  • Compare And Contrast Medieval Japanese And Medieval Europe

    just be sentenced straight away like being tortured or killed. This was because the king had all the control and peasants wanted rights, as they were sick of being pushed around by the king. The king was able to achieve his position if he was a military leader and his army attacked and they won. He could become king for his leadership and bravery. Another way he could become king easily was if it was in his family’s blood and he could maintain his position by people liking him. In Japan, it was…

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  • Similarities Between Roman And Medieval Europe

    There are academic claims suggesting that Medieval Europe is a direct continuation of Ancient Rome. Through the evidence found within the given text, there seems to be a similar correlation between such cultures, specific using the historical context provided. Examples of the given historical contexts for both cultures would be: architectural development, visual elements (such as painting or tapestries), statues, and written products. Due to the uniqueness of each culture, one will notice that…

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