Network Movie Analysis

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Maximizing shareholder’s wealth is the most important business managers or chief executives ' responsibility. When the company becomes public, investors supply assets and cash. In order to keep up those assets, the chief executive or manager has to make decisions to increase the shareholder 's return, which occasionally can be inhuman and unethical. In Network, it displays Frank Hackett’s willingness (Robert Duvall) to make decisions, which is in his favor but intentionally puts Howard Beale (Peter Finch) and Max Schumacher (William Holden) in miserable. Both Howard and Max experiences the corporate culture 's volatility in their job. They can lose their jobs or even their life. This movie exposes the media industry 's volatile and unpredictable …show more content…
When Beale discovers and presents the fact that CCA will be bought by a larger Saudi Arabian conglomerate to his audiences, he pushes the network into a panic stage because they are in the process of making a deal to cover their debt. Beale’s rating begins to fall because his message is depressing to the audience. Despite the falling rating, CCA chairman Arthur Jensen (Ned Beatty) does not allow UBS executives to fire Beale. This becomes a conflict of interest between CCA and UBS. Seeing this as an opportunity to shut down the show but maintain rating for a future show, Diana, Frank and other executives hire assassins to kill Beale on air. The scene when the executives discuss on how to assassinate Beale has a chiaroscuro lighting. The composition of their sitting is in the dark and further away from each other. This cinematography interprets to the viewer that something bad is about to happen. Their faces are in the dark or turn away from front camera angle demonstrates that they might feel guilty about the assassination, but they want it to happen because of their own interest. However, Diana’s voice- over continue to explain the assassination while the scene is the assassination day justifies that she completely loses herself as a human being in the business. As the movie reaches the end, Diana does whatever it takes to protect her own success, including harming other’s

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