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  • Be Bold: From Abraham Lincoln To Arachne

    Be Bold “It is only by being bold that you get anywhere. If you are a risk-taker, then the art is to protect the downside.” - Richard Branson. From Abraham Lincoln to Colin Kaepernick, bold actions are taken everywhere and every day. It takes someone with true courage to do something revolutionary, because the possibilities of the outcomes are endless. Regardless of whether the result of the action is good or wasn’t as great as it was planned to be, I believe that it was worth it. To step out of the box, be creative, and do something that nobody else has done, as long as it’s for the good, is definitely worth attempting. Even if something bad happens in return, it makes it a learning experience for the public and for the risk-taker…

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  • What Are Bold Actions

    some people may not agree with my and that's ok. I think bold actions are worth it. If you believe and know your limits. Bold actions are worth it because you can help others and yourself. For example Amelia Earhart made woman stand a little taller. She may not of succeeded at flying around the world solo but she was the first woman to fly. She made women think they could do anything if they worked hard. For this bold action she is known for what she accomplished. Bold actions are worth it…

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  • Bold In Love Analysis

    My Writing Project, Bold in Love, a somewhat dysfunctional Bonnie and Clyde adaptation, was heavily influenced by music. Growing up, I was constantly listening to a wide variety of musicians and flipping through an extensive collection of books, and I quickly learnt that similarly to stories, songs held an element of individuality to each person listening; a love song could easily be interpreted into a song about heartbreak, and a sad blues tune could make others joyful. With this knowledge and…

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  • Rosa Parks Bold Actions

    Do you consider Rosa Parks bold action to be worth it? I believe that bold actions are worth the risk. People can affect many lives by taking bold actions. Rosa Parks for example, refused to give up her bus seat which caused the bus boycott, and that helped pass the civil rights act. If Rosa Parks had not done this then the civil rights act would have been delayed many years. Martin Luther King Jr. also took many bold risk that helped the civil rights act. People can learn important lessons…

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  • Bold Accusations: The Davao Death Squad

    "Bold Accusations"
 Newly elected President Duterte part of "Davao Death Squad"?Based from Secretary De Lima's statements,She accused Duterte of being part of the group.The squad is a vigilante group present in Davao City which was allegedly blamed and responsible for the executions of people involved in minor crimes and drug issues.President Duterte fired back by accusing De Lima of compromising with drug lords inside the bilibid prison mostly to the advantage of the drug lords.But what made…

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  • How Did Henry Sewall Bold

    Henry Sewall’s Pioneer City According to Google, bold means the ability to take risks without really knowing the outcome. Henry Edwin Sewall was considered very bold in some of his actions. He was the founder of Sewall’s point in Florida. Henry Sewall had an interesting pioneer life and his bold actions affected the landscape and people around him. The bold actions of Henry Sewall helped shape Martin County’s history. Henry Edwin Sewall was born on August 26, 1848 in St. Augustine, Florida.…

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  • An Analysis Of Toyota's My Bold Dad: Commercials

    the game. Companies spend around four million dollars for a thirty second time slot and in addition to that spend several million for the production of the ad. What could persuade a company to spend this amount of money on a single advertisement? Toyota aired a tear-jerking advertisement titled “My Bold Dad” during halftime at the 2015 super bowl. The ad shows a father driving his daughter in a Toyota Camry. There are several flashbacks throughout that show the father-daughter relationship. The…

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  • Marketing Strategy Of Doritos, Big Market, Bold Chip

    Doritos, big market, bold chip Caleb Fisher Prince Georges Community College Abstract This paper discusses the marketing strategies of a Frito- lay owned company, Doritos and how it has dominated the chip industry. It will cover all facets and techniques used by the company to communicate effectively to its market. Doritos, big Market, Bold Chip In today’s society marketing has become a most essential part of a business. More and more the consumer is captivated by the fancy…

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  • Inside Mcdonald's Bold Decision To Go Cage Free Analysis

    Beth Kowitt’s “Inside McDonald's Bold Decision to go Cage Free” examines the recent decision of Steve Esterbrook, CEO of McDonalds international, to transition to a completely cage-free poultry intake and, more specifically, the individual barriers the cooperation will face throughout this 10-year transition. Esterbrook, who owes his success to the introduction of All-Day Breakfast options, purging the hamburger buns of high fructose corn syrup, and ending the use of many key antibiotics in the…

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  • Cerebrovascular Reactivity (CVR)

    valve in a 1min interleaved manner while BOLD images and physiologic parameters (end-tidal CO2, breathing rate, heart rate, and arterial oxygenation) were continuously collected for 7min. A research assistant was always present inside the scanner room during the experiment to monitor the subject and switch the valve that controls delivery of hypercapnic gas and room air. End-tidal CO2 (Et-CO2), which measures the concentration of CO2 in the lungs and represents a surrogate for concentration of…

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