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  • Media Comparison: Cable News Network And Fox News Channel

    This is usually the case when the government or other influential bureaucrats have an overwhelming amount of control over the press. The media is often controlled to enhance the ruler’s power over the country, to maintain a specific perception among the people, as well as to protect them from possible national threats transmitted. Examples of such media entities are Cable News Network (CNN) and Fox News Channel. In comparison, a media free of overbearing control has the ability to reveal controversial truths without risk of censorship, public interference or authority blocks while still adequately serving public interests. In this way, the media works independently, exists to oversee the activities of those in power while preventing them from overstepping their bounds as well as is able to give more balanced perspectives. Examples of such media entities are Russian Tv (RT) News and Al…

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  • Four-Century Election Cycle

    In 1791, the bill of rights was ratified, included within it, the first amendments to the constitution. Which protected the freedom of speech, press, peaceful assembly, religion, and petition. It destroyed the old system of complete governmental control and allowed the press to openly critique the state and those who ran the state. The media became the bridge crossing the gap between rulers and ruled, protected by the foundational law of the country. After two hundred and twenty five years, as…

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  • Is Mass Media Affecting African Americans?

    Have you ever watched the news in the evening, and saw that maybe Kim Kardashian and her family are on Fox News at 8? Or have you seen the commercial with the little hungry kids that you can feed for only “ 35 cents a day”? Well, in today’s world, that is considered media biased. Media bias is the perception of reporting news in a partial or prejudiced manner. It occurs when the media pushes certain viewpoints, rather than actually reporting the news. The reporters ignore an important aspect of…

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  • America Mexico Again

    Fox News published an opinion piece titled Make America Mexico Again: Why Americans are fed up with illegals.” This news story discusses the issue of illegal immigration from Mexico. According to, Fox News was created by Robert Murdoch who “enlisted television producer and former Republican political consultant Roger Ailes to oversee the new network, and Ailes’s business acumen and political leanings became closely associated with its eventual success.” Fox News trademark slogan…

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  • Good Ethos: Honesty Or Trustful?

    developed credibility..."(Jonathan and Trischa 4). Thus, this quotation demonstrates that how with good ethos, the audience has its trust in Jon Stewarts "The Daily Show". As Jon Stewart displays good ethos toward his audience, such as trustworthiness, depth of knowledge as well as creativity. Thus it is seen as credible, even though it may be a hybrid of news and entertainment. With gaining such popularity, respect and trust many news casts now criticize Jon Stewarts daily show for being a…

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  • Rupert Murdoch's War On Journalism

    of this currently happening today is at Fox News. The 2004 documentary Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch 's War on Journalism by filmmaker Robert Greenwald criticizes the Fox News Channel, and its owner, Rupert Murdoch, claiming that the channel is used…

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  • The Importance Of Television

    television viewing habits totally are not the same. Indeed, television 's primary purpose is entertainment. In addition, it is also a medium that encourages the growth of communities around the world by sharing interests and disseminates information and news. Moreover, television broadens and educates the mind, provides millions of jobs for skilled workers,…

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  • Fox News Business Case Study

    In early September, Twenty-First Century Fox settled with past host of a news show on Fox New, Gretchen Carlson, for sexual harassment. She was awarded twenty million dollars for her being a victim of long time CEO Roger Ailes. Roger Ailes was eventually fired from running the Fox News company. In her lawsuit, Carlson said her contract wasn 't renewed after she “refused to sleep” with Ailes and reported "severe and pervasive sexual harassment” at her workplace. (Yu, 2016) Since Gretchen Carlson…

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  • Media Corruption

    A. AG: It’s safe to assume that everyone in this classroom has looked at some form of news at some point in your life, according to an article written by the MintPress News, 60% of information reported by Fox News in 2015 was false. 1. Aaron Blake, a writer for the Washington Post, stated that people only watch reported news that agrees with their political beliefs. 2. Meaning that the majority of news audiences are subjectively one-sided and don’t get both sides of the story, only the…

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  • Disney Swot Analysis

    1. Threat of New Entrants There is a low threat of new competition for the Walt Disney Company in the competitive environment because of several reasons. For starters, there is a high entry cost especially of the TV, movie, and parks and resorts industries. For example, Disney spent over 3.6 billion dollars to build Euro-Disney, which is actually now called Disney Paris. Not many companies can afford that type of expenditure like Disney. Also from an film industry standpoint, Pixar, which is…

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