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  • Hip Fracture Essay

    Proximal femoral fracture (PFF) is a major cause of morbidity and mortality in the elderly population (Khasragi, Christmas, Meers, & Wenz, 2005). Referred to as a ‘hip fracture’ in laypersons terms, PFF occurs in the “region between the femoral head and 5 centrimeters below the lesser trochanter” (National Clinical Guideline Center [NCGC], 2011, p. 6). In industrialised countries, the mean age of people sustaining hip fracture is 80 years old, demonstrating hip fracture is predominantly a phenomenon of later life, and 80% are female (Handoll, Camerson, Mak, & Finnegan, 2009). An estimated 1.26 million hip fractures occurred in adults in 1990. With the projected increase in population over 65 years of age, predictions range from 7.3, to 21.3…

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  • Personal Narrative: A Boxer's Fracture

    I am not a boxer, but I got a boxer's fracture. A boxer's fracture is a fracture of one of the metacarpal bones in the hand. The fracture occurs when a person hits an immovable object with a closed fist. That is exactly what I did about one year ago. My ex boyfriend's collar bone was the point of contact. It was just a regular day at Calvary Baptist Academy. I thought it was atleast. As I was walking down the hallway, a friend stopped me to tell me that my ex boyfriend, Christian, had done…

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  • Bone Fracture Case Study

    had an open communited depressed fracture of the left temporal bone. Other radiological modalities were utilized in diagnosing the type and severity of her fracture. After diagnosis was made apparent then the appropriate treatment was provided to help Ms. Jenner on a road to recovery. Depressed Skull Fracture A 65 year old female model named Caitlyn Jenner walked into the emergency room after suffering trauma to the skull. The incident happened in the early morning while…

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  • The Movie Fracture

    Fracture (2007), Directed by Gregory Hoblit, is a drama film about the story of Ted Crawford (Anthony Hopkins) who shot his wife after having a discussion due to the fact that she was having an affair with Police Detective Robert Nunnally. After shooting her, the police arrived including Mr. Nunnally who at the time, didn’t know that the person being shot was his lover. Ted Crawford confessed about the crime and was taken to trial where he got away with it due to the fruit of the poisonous tree.…

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  • Essay On Cattle Fracture

    A Colles fracture is a type of broken wrist. It means your radius bone is broken or cracked. The radius is the bone of your forearm on your thumb’s side. The forearm is the part of your arm between the elbow and your wrist. Your forearm is made up of two bones called the radius and the ulna. Often when the radius is broken, the ulna may also be broken. A cast or splint is used to protect and keep your injured bone from moving as it heals. CAUSES • A direct blow to the wrist. • Falling on…

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  • Tibia Fracture Case Study

    lower third tibia fracture patterns. 2. To study the management of these fractures by Ender’s nailing and its functional outcome. 3. To study various complications in patients managed by Ender’s nailing 4. To set guidelines for management of these fractures. REVIEW OF LITERATURE HISTORICAL REVIEW Fractures have been recognized and treated as long as recorded history. History of fracture and its knowledge dates back to Egyptian mummies of 2700BC. For…

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  • Bamboo Essay

    replacing bone and mimicking their structure for, various applications. When looking at biological materials, to determine their effectiveness as a scaffold or sufficient structure for various other uses, often they are tested for their resistance to fracture. This is referred to as fracture propagation. Bamboo Bamboo is well known for its sufficient mechanical properties, and great flexibility. It also has great fracture toughness. Bamboo is considered to be a bio composite, meaning it…

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  • Case Study: Horseshoe Crab

    crystalline and amorphous regions. The mechanical properties are highly antistrophic, and have great stiffness in the axial regions. The density of wood is also strong as well. This assists with its strong fracture toughness. Unfortunately wood is easily cracked in the parallel region, but not the perpendicular…

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  • Lab Analysis Of The 4PB Experiments

    ERRs Gc (i.e. interfacial fracture toughness) of the interface between Cu leadframe and EMC. They were determined by the FEM simulations using the three mentioned methods: VCCT, VCE and J-integral. The verification of simulations was performed using an analytical solution (eq. (6)). Based on the critical ERRs obtained from different specimens tested at different temperatures, the temperature dependence of the interfacial fracture toughness was investigated. The upper EMC layer of the sample was…

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  • Multi Stage Fracturing Research Paper

    Multi-stage fracturing is an advanced drilling technology that enhances the production capabilities through maximizing the contact area of unconventional wells with the reservoir production zones. During the fracturing process, a special fluid (primarily a mixture of sand and water) is blown out at a high pressure into the shale rock formation creating channels through which hydrocarbons can easily migrate to the well. Multi-stage fracturing is a combination of fracturing and plugging processes.…

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