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  • Personal Narrative: A Boxer's Fracture

    I am not a boxer, but I got a boxer's fracture. A boxer's fracture is a fracture of one of the metacarpal bones in the hand. The fracture occurs when a person hits an immovable object with a closed fist. That is exactly what I did about one year ago. My ex boyfriend's collar bone was the point of contact. It was just a regular day at Calvary Baptist Academy. I thought it was atleast. As I was walking down the hallway, a friend stopped me to tell me that my ex boyfriend, Christian, had done something to my car. After I had gone to my locker, I walked to the parking lot. When I got to my car, I did not notice anything until right before I walked away. He had placed a disassembled breakfast sandwich on the roof of my bright red Ford Mustang. I was furious. I knew he had visited to McDonalds that morning for breakfast. He was obviously the criminal because we argued that morning and I guess that was his way of getting back at me. I threw the bacon, egg, and cheese on the ground. The biscuit was dried out and had hardened because of the sun. I grabbed the biscuit and carried it in my hand because I knew I would see him while walking to the dome for lunch. As soon as I walked around the corner of the building, there he was, right in front of me. I warned the people I was walking with what was about to happen. He was about twenty yards ahead of me so I took off running and when I got close to him, I threw the biscuit as hard as I possibly could at his head. When it contacted his…

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