Bone Fracture Research Paper

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There are many different fractures, however, the main categories are incomplete, complete, simple, and compound. Fractures that are incomplete or complete, refer to the way the bone breaks. The incomplete fracture is when the bone cracks, but does not break all the way through. As with the complete fracture, the bone breaks in two or more parts. With the compound or simple fracture, this is referring to rather or not the bone broke through the skin. With a compound fracture, also known as an open fracture, the bone breaks, also breaking through the patient's skin. As with the simple fracture, or closed fracture, the bone breaks, but does not break through the patient's skin. The simple fracture also has different types that include; the oblique fracture, this is when a fracture is at an angle to the bone's axis. A transverse fracture is a facture at a right angle to the bone's axis and a comminuted fracture is a fracture when the bone fragments into several pieces. More commonly found fractures amongst children are the greenstick fracture, this is an incomplete fracture where the bone is bent. Then there is the impacted fracture, also known as the buckle fracture, this is one when the ends are driven into each other and is mostly seen inn arm fractures. …show more content…
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