Bone fractures

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  • Bone Fracture Case Study

    had an open communited depressed fracture of the left temporal bone. Other radiological modalities were utilized in diagnosing the type and severity of her fracture. After diagnosis was made apparent then the appropriate treatment was provided to help Ms. Jenner on a road to recovery. Depressed Skull Fracture A 65 year old female model named Caitlyn Jenner walked into the emergency room after suffering trauma to the skull. The incident happened in the early morning while…

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  • Bone Fracture Research Paper

    There are many different fractures, however, the main categories are incomplete, complete, simple, and compound. Fractures that are incomplete or complete, refer to the way the bone breaks. The incomplete fracture is when the bone cracks, but does not break all the way through. As with the complete fracture, the bone breaks in two or more parts. With the compound or simple fracture, this is referring to rather or not the bone broke through the skin. With a compound fracture, also known as an…

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  • Spiral Fracture Research Paper

    Spiral fractures are the result of a rotating force. Most of these occur when a body is in motion and the affect part is groundly planted. Many of these accidents occur during sports. There is a speific kind of fall for each way a person can fall on a planted foot. One of the most common for metatarsals when they roll under the foot is referred to as a ballerina fall. As bad as this sounds most of these fractures are aligned and do not require any kind of surgery. Most are cleaned up by the body…

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  • Dr. Romash Research Paper

    saw a lot of shattered heels and ankle injuries. Desperate to help these paratroopers, Dr. Romash utilized what he learned when he took engineering classes. Dr. Romash created and patented a metal plate to heal a calcaneal fracture (heal fracture). This once career ending injury, became an easy fix through Dr. Romash’s new method of healing. Through this experience, Dr. Romash realized that there are no absolutes in medicine, the accepted norms can be changed. With new technology and new ideas,…

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  • Nicholas Trauma Case Paper

    Diagnostic images revealed a comminuted fracture of his left patella, a fracture of his left iliac wing, a left lateral 6th rib fracture, a significantly displaced and angulated transverse fracture of the 5th proximal phalanx on the left and a questionable fracture of the left radial head. In addition, and significantly more troubling, the diagnostic tests revealed a splenic laceration with adjacent blood, a pneumothorax in the left lung, and multiple bilateral pulmonary lacerations. Due to…

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  • Recollection-Personal Narrative

    I had heard the bones breaking in my left leg upon impact, and I looked down to see the broken bone pressing against my skin. I had had enough first aid training to realize that any movement whatsoever on my part would cause this to become a compound fracture. I could smell gasoline, and I was covered in glass from the broken window, with shards stuck in my arms and fingers; I reached with my left hand for the cell phone that was now lying on the driver’s seat floor and called for help. I was…

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  • A Psychotherapy: A Short Story

    superwoman. Except now she looked frail and tired, her body wrecked from rounds of ‘chemotherapy’, a word everyone kept saying, but I had yet to learn the meaning of. All I knew was that my mom was sick, and not the kind of sick chicken noodle soup and a Vernors would fix. I couldn’t touch her, or hug her, for fear that the radiation would hurt me too. So I just kept staring across that wooden floor… Years later it was my turn to be the patient. My mom, staring over the rail of the hospital…

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  • Sample Nursing Care Plan

    epiphysis of the thigh bone (femur) slips sideways off the end of the shaft. It tends to affect children in their early teens when they are growing rapidly. During this time, the forces and stresses put on the upper part of the thigh bone increase and can pull it or twist it. If these forces are big enough, they can actually make the epiphysis move, and the epiphysis slips. In children who are overweight or obese, an extra strain is put on the upper thigh bone by their body weight and so slipped…

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  • Reaction About Accident

    another step but I couldn’t. Everytime i put weight on my right foot, a sharp pain shot up my leg. Being a starter on the team I played it off so the coaches wouldn 't worry me too much about it. I tried my best to continue on with the day until it got time to actually lift weights. The first time i tried to squat was terrible, I was in so much pain it was indescribable. I finally gave in and told the team 's athletic trainer. He’s basically a doctor for sports. He took a look at my foot and saw…

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  • The Cause Of Osteoporosis

    Osteoporosis is where bones lose protein and calcium. With the lowering of calcium and proteins also comes with the lowering of bone mass and strength. The lowering amount of much needed bone proteins and calcium ultimately leads to bone breakage. In the United States there are approximately forty four million citizens suffer from osteoporosis and low bone mass. The majority of people suffering from osteoporosis or low bone mass in America are over the age of 50 and are female. Researches show…

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