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  • Theme Of Misogyny In The Thousand And One Nights

    The Thousand and One Nights is not thought of as influential literary piece. The revolutionary ideas this story conveys, considering that The Thousand and One Nights was written in the thirteenth century, is simply astounding. Alf Layla Wa-Layla’s The Thousand and One Nights had a resounding impact upon women’s rights and literature throughout the years to this day. In The…

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  • Framing Theory

    normally receive information through a derivative source. Hegemonic meanings associated with news frames can be considered a strong frame. Articles can be used as texts to forge the important relationships between audience views of BOG meetings and create a normative model…

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  • Cyberbullying And Episodic Analysis

    revolves around the ongoing issue of cyberbullying, and the serious effects it can have on America’s youth. The two different news clips are framed differently, one being episodic and the other thematic. A thematic frame on a news video makes the issue seem like a public problem, which would in turn mean people favoring government intervention. An episodic frame would pin the fault on the bully. These two frames are easily seen in the videos used for the study. The thematic framed video focuses…

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  • Frame Story In A Midsummer Night's Dream

    A frame story is a story constituting a frame for another story or a series of other stories. The play A Midsummer Night’s Dream is comedy consisting of a frame story and four other concurrent stories. The frame story in the play is of the marriage between Theseus, the duke of Athens, and Hippolyta, the queen of the amazons. The other four stories are: the dispute between Hermia and Egeus; the play, put together by laborers for Theseus’s wedding; the dispute between Oberon and Titania, the king…

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  • Examples Of Skewed Framing Of Immigration

    problem is simply solved instead. A limited frame is what inhibits policy makers from truly being able to address the core issues of many problems today, thus causing uncertainty, ineffective policies, and offense to many. Perhaps one of the most skewed framings is the one of immigration. In “The Framing of Immigration,” by George Lakoff and Sam Ferguson, the two maintain the warrant that all immigrants arrive with intentions of eventually becoming productive members of society. Utilizing strong…

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  • Effects Of Framing On Decision Making

    In his study questions were framed either of mortality or survival, as well as a scenario about pregnancy: either deciding against it or choosing to still go through with it if it involved certain risks. A significant difference between men and women was found in the pregnancy scenario, women were more likely to still favor a pregnancy as well as see it more positively than men did. McNeil et al. believed that showed how “people interpret mixed or ambiguous frames in a selective fashion that is…

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  • Analysis Of The Ponytail Scandal

    Throughout time certain stories have identified a number of ways in which certain news stories is manipulated by journalists to emphasise and alter meaning and perception. The majority of journalists today do frame their stories in ways that can mislead their audiences. However, often journalists employ frames without consciously knowing it. Therefore, it is important to note whether the way in which stories were produced had the effect of misleading audiences. A news item that illustrates how…

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  • Essential Methods Of Persuasion

    Message Framing Another essential method of persuasion is message framing. Message framing refers to the way that information is displayed or provided that aims to either emphasize or deemphasize the risk factor of a choice and thus, how a person perceives the said risk (Menon et al., 2008, pp. 996- 998). The concept of message framing is relatively new to the psychological world and as a result, largely under-researched thus far. However, there are a few types of framing that have been formally…

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  • Vimeo Gulp Analysis

    stop-motion set at the time. The short film was directed by Will Studd and Ed Patterson from Sumo Science at Aardman, and was used and distributed as a commercial for Nokia. To clarify, I will not attempt to analyze each frame; I will be analyzing the animation as a whole. Describe: Throughout the animation, there is a beige, sand-textured, underlying background. By watching the…

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  • Midwest Vending Negotiation: Case Study

    Reference Frames were evident when Amanda came to the table to talk. A reference frame is similar to a reference point, it is how “potential outcomes are coded as either gains or losses” (Schweitzer & DeChurch, 2001, pg 101), to a given party. It was decided to bring in someone new to the negotiation because she was able to reframe the situation for the negotiating parties. By framing the situation to say both parties had a fault and acknowledging to the other party that she understood and…

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