Sociological Analysis Of Cyber Bullying

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The content of the news clips revolves around the ongoing issue of cyberbullying, and the serious effects it can have on America’s youth. The two different news clips are framed differently, one being episodic and the other thematic. A thematic frame on a news video makes the issue seem like a public problem, which would in turn mean people favoring government intervention. An episodic frame would pin the fault on the bully.
These two frames are easily seen in the videos used for the study. The thematic framed video focuses more on what schools can do to help with the cyberbullying issue. The video does focus much of its time on a young boy, who committed suicide, after being cyberbullied for years. While this story is covered, the news segment is also about what schools can, and have done, to prevent cyber bullying. The episodic video focused more on the suicide victim and how the people in her life were affected. Instead of schools being a main concern, the girls who were bullying are clearly held accountable. These frames were used randomly throughout the survey, to see if the hypothesis can be scientifically
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The M= 1.23 and SD= 61. Only 5% of the participants disagreed that parents should monitor their children’s behavior. The other 9% was unsure if this was appropriate or not. The 5% that disagreed with monitoring behavior did mention that educating children was more important than monitoring. The 9% agreed that it would help the cyberbullying problem, but it was an invasion of privacy and showed that the parents had a lack of trust for their children. After analyzing the results, there was once again, no correlation between the video frames. The 86% that agreed in monitoring had a mix of both frames. The 14% that did not know, or did not agree with monitoring also watched a mix. Based on this analysis, the frames did not impact the participant’s

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