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  • Narrative Essay About My Audition

    My audition for the film went pretty well today. It felt so nice to go in and not be a nervous wreck. I felt unusually confident because I really had no expectations. I just thought, "What the hell? Why not?" I didn 't even rehearse my song beforehand. Usually I am very diligent about rehearsing a song for an upcoming audition and as I listen to myself I start feeling like I must be crazy for thinking that I ever imagined that I could sing. My throat gets all constricted, I can 't hit the notes, I feel like never ending phlegm is threatening to choke me, and I can 't believe anyone has ever cast me in a musical before in my life! What were they thinking? They must have been deaf. Of course all of that just makes me freak out even more and by the time I get to the audition, I am convinced that I may just croak. Both vocally and literally. Since Bob is still out of town on business, I convinced Aaron to go with me. If only to just get out of the house and go for a drive. I feel such maternal guilt for leaving him all on his own on a Saturday afternoon. Which is one of the reasons I agreed to take him to the haunted Halloween thing from hell at Great America tonight. Good thing I don 't need to sing tomorrow because I will have no voice after my scream fest tonight. We brought Berlinda, our portable GPS, with us to help navigate the directions to the location of the audition. As we made our way through the streets of Fremont, it became clear that Berlinda was…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: The American Dream

    Never had enough to pay fees and I remember one time I hid under the rust brown table that was located at the back of the classroom when the principal came to take everybody 's fees and looking through the holes of the table in front of my to see if she was looking for me. I didn 't have the money for the fee that month. I was too embarrassed to tell her I didn’t have the money again. I knew I was going to be in trouble and get hit in front of the whole school like last time.Having to stand in…

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  • T. Molitor Experiment

    molitor. During our second experiment, the colours of the T. molitor was noted, and the two T. molitor of dark brown colour used, moved relatively slow as compared to the others. Our results showed that the two dark brown T. molitor moved a mean distance of 3.8cm, whereas the three black T. molitor of the same trial moved a mean distance of 17.6 cm (one moved an abnormal amount of 28cm), the two brown T. molitor moved a mean distance of 9.05 cm (one of them was missing 2 legs), and the three…

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  • Descriptive Essay On Chloé Brown

    A shy, sassy girl with brown straight hair, deep dark brown eyes, was named Chloé Brown; lived in a nice modern gated community with her family. Her parents were the type of parents that everyone could ever dream of having; comical, admirable and mainly laid back but also have a strict side. Even though Chloé had the “perfect” life that everyone was jealous of, she did not understand to appreciate when she was an arrogant, sassy fifteen-year-old freshman at Avon Park High School. She hated…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Political Cartoons

    many artists subtly try to persuade the viewers of their artwork to take action. The first image I looked at was a political cartoon by Steve Sack from The Minneapolis Star Tribune regarding the Flint water crisis. This cartoon depicts Governor Snyder on a rowboat next to some measuring spectrum and a buoy that is labeling “Flint water supply”. The characteristic of this image that stood out to me the most from the beginning was the lack of color. The two dominant colors in this cartoon are red…

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  • Still Life Case Study: Dutch Vanitas

    arranged in a hectic manner. At the back, a wooden hourglass can be seen along with a brown and green book. To the side there’s a wooden cigarette holder, with cigarettes burning and an open book. Next to this is an open pocket watch and glasses. A page is falling. A flute intersects this, and a fallen green, glass vase is on top. Almost central, there’s a skull and a bone, leaves embrace these. Light is coming from the top right corner, which is largely empty and a dark background. The overall…

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  • Fish Tank Film Analysis

    Once bright green grass seems to turn patchy as the mood of the film shifts. Dead brown grass is first visible when Mia jumps the fence into Conor’s backyard. Dull colored grass is made visible again in a larger quantity when Mia kidnaps Conor’s daughter Kira and leads her into a field. The field is vast and brown, bordering a body of water that appears to be almost grey in color. Another aspect of nature that changes color with the mood of the film is the sky. In the majority of Fish Tank the…

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  • The Effect Of Enzymes: Polyphenol Oxidase

    The results showed that a brown color change occurred in the mixture. The reasoning behind the color change in the mixture has to do with the chemical reaction that changes catechol into its oxidized form benzoquinone. This chemical reaction also requires oxygen, and an enzyme called polyphenol oxidase. The enzyme polyphenol oxidase is needed because it acts as the catalyst in the reaction. When the components of buffer, substrate, and enzyme were mixed, the oxygen in the surrounding air also…

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  • Grace Rhonda Nyberg Analysis

    at the painting it is clear to see that the man is seated at a table with his elbows rested on the surface. His two frail hands are folded together and pressed against his forehead, as if he is bowing his head in prayer. Placed on the table in front of him is a loaf of bread with one end cut off, a bowl containing liquid of brown color, a knife which is right next to the bowl, a thick bible with a green cover, and laying on top of the bible is a pair of glasses folded, laying upside down. The…

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  • Enzyme Lab Report Essay

    catalysts that increases the rate of chemical reactions (JRank Articles). With the use of enzymes it can accelerate certain reaction rates at a faster past then if the reaction was moving at it natural speed (JRank Articles). The activity of enzymes are control by many things like environment, inhibitors, and regulatory binding sites that happens on the enzyme(JRank Articles).The overall reaction in the natural setting which was the basic reaction in this experiment was in a time period of…

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