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  • The Cantor Dust Analysis

    suspect it of existing within, order and chaos and fractal patterns through something such as literature. The concept of order and chaos, or in other words, the Chaos Theory, are not limited to merely one perspective. Its understanding…

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  • My Mega Maths Evaluation

    Analysis and Evaluation Evaluation and Analysis of Learning My mega maths lesson was based on the theme shapes. I decided to use the shapes question for this particular week because the children had lessons on 2D shapes the previous week and would be able to use their prior knowledge to help them solve the problem in this particular question. Aubrey (2013) states that it is important for children to be able to access their prior knowledge and ongoing cognitive processing in every lesson.…

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  • Kurt Vonnegut's Fractal Essay

    Fractal: A complex geometric pattern exhibiting self-similarity in that small details of its structure viewed at any scale repeat elements of the overall pattern. Fractal (Alternate Definition): A complex set of objects exhibiting self-similarity in that small details of relationships viewed at any scale repeat throughout the overall pattern, providing meaning to the objects within. Vonnegut’s Fractal: A perspective offered in Kurt Vonnegut’s The Sirens of Titan defining the meaning of life…

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  • Mixture Analysis Lab Report Sample

    microstructures. Due to the randomization effect of interesterification, a decline in the amount of the higher melting TAG may occur which can decrease the amount of crystalline material in the samples33. Study of the microstructure of the samples after storage durations can elaborate the changes in the crystal size and shape during storage85. ii. Fractal Dimensions The mechanical properties of the fat crystal networks can be explained by quantification of the microstructure of the crystals,…

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  • Compare And Contrast Mandelbrot And Filled Julia Set

    constant for any complex number to look at the behavior of the iterated functions for each value of z in the complex plane. Both sets are derived from the iterations of simple functions in the complex plane, but cause unpredictable, infinite fractal patterns when graphed. Furthermore, the sets are integral parts of chaos theory and hold a number of other mathematical truths within them, such as the value of pi. The groundwork for both functions was set by…

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  • Jhb Architecture Analysis

    how buildings should look and behave; this is because of its strong political history, culture richness and density. This is how the city creates the ideas in the architects mind. N.B.H although also rich in culture it is not as densified and politically orientated as JHB. This means that N.B.H has more freedom from the community to decide o specific things like structure and forms. This is how the idea is then imposed to the city. The relationship of city to idea and idea to city speaks of…

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  • Andrea Barbaro Analysis

    This villa was meant to be viewed from the front and consists of a large mass in the middle, flanked by two side wings. Also, the villa correlate to Palladio’s thematic of unified whole due to it being fractal in a way that the proportions of the size of windows relate to the proportions of the size of rooms which relate to the proportions of the building size as a whole. According to Wittkower, “The long wings behind the main building contains three groups of three rooms each. Two of these…

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  • My Passion For Fashion Design

    I received several accolades for academic proficiency sports and dance. Later in my graduation, I chose fashion designing as my majors for B.Ftech degree to enhance the designing skills, awarded from renowned SNDT University. Currently, I am working as an Assistant Costume Designer/ Graphic Designer at Richa Art and Accessories. As a freelancing, I also supply my embroidery designs to local market boutiques, this helps me to understand the market place and trends better. Previously, I interned…

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  • Emergent Strategy: Shaping Change

    vision, and strategy. The main argument that I will present in my paper is bringing the concept of emergent strategy as means of a way for all of us from different backgrounds, identities, and beliefs to become creators of our future together. It is through relationship-building between individuals and communities to find a common ground strategy and make changes at times of emergence. She claims that the short-term strategies that are currently being implemented by some social justice movements…

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  • Compare And Contrast The Jurassic Park

    hence making their escape and feeling elated that they got out of the situation alive. While the movie is critically acclaimed for its avant-garde special effects and screenplay, it leaves and morphs a lot of the book's details, including the ending, mostly in order to save screentime. This trimming also doesn't allow for much character development. The film does leave an open ending in a way as the fate of the embryos stolen by Dennis Nedry, the computer expert, is uncertain. In my opinion,…

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