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  • Monitoring CSR Activity

    While monitoring CSR activity, roughly we need to monitor it by three methods, as follows : 1. Internal Compliance Monitoring & Measurement 2. External Monitoring & Measurements ● Internal Compliance Monitoring Monitoring and Evaluation are essential components for ensuring that CSR Initiatives are effective and are giving desired results. Monitoring and Evaluation can provide us with detailed information regarding the performance of policies, programmes and projects carried out in the due course of time. It helps us to understand the ground realities and analyse the situation and accordingly review them. In order to monitor and measure the effectiveness of the CSR activity, we need to form a team consisting employees from top, senior,…

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  • Tnq Promotional Activities

    teleconference to discuss the activities to be conducted: From: To: Benedito Donizete, Amandini Barbosa, Ryan Fernandes, Patricia Fernandes Cc: Thiago Augusto, Maria de Fatima Subject: Report of TTNQ’s international market promotion activities Dear all, Please note that you are invited to attend a skype teleconference to discuss the incoming TTNQ’s promotional activities within target market Brazil. Please make sure you will bring along your valued contributions and…

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  • Support New Marketing Activities

    The contribution of value that I am adding and participating to my CPO is that MetalMan are not consistently creating marketing activities and some of these activities are not efficient or effective for the organisation. With my availability and services coming to MetalMan, I will be able to give them more options, opportunities to provide my attributes, knowledge and skills that I have obtained from Auckland University of Technology. With my knowledge I am able to assist them with the right…

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  • Benefit Of Extracurricular Activities

    The Benefits of Extracurricular Activities Extracurricular participation promotes motivation in students’ lives by helping them gain self-actualization by using the proper skills of discipline, determination, and respect to accomplish their goals. Extracurricular activities are considered voluntary afterschool programs such as athletics, fine arts, and educational clubs that provide experiences which are not taught in formal courses of study. Participating students’ learning goal is oriented in…

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  • Benefits Of Extracurricular Activities

    Extracurricular activities are very beneficial to students for these exact…

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  • Importance Of Extracurricular Activities

    Being part of a school brings a lot of benefits, one of these is to be part of an extracurricular activity. These extracurricular activities are important to be considered in the students academic performance, because it helps to have a better physical and cognitive development. Exist a lot of activities, but in this paper you are going to know about the benefits, the development of the students, and how the family is an important support in this process. First, exist a lot of benefits and…

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  • Essay On Extracurricular Activities

    to Webster’s Dictionary Extracurricular activities is described as “not falling within the scope of a regular curriculum; specifically: of or relating to officially or semi officially approved and usually organized student activities (as athletics) connected with school and usually carrying no academic credit.”…

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  • Are Extracurricular Activities Good For Students

    Lauren Everhart Gallos English 3 Honors 28 April 2016 Are Extracurricular Activities Good for Students? As kids get into high school, most parents hope that their kids will join some kind of club or team. A question parents might ask is, “How involved should kids be in extracurricular activities or should they even be involved at all?” Extracurricular activities can be both advantageous and unpromising depending on what the student plans on participating in and also how many activities the…

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  • Organized Out Of School Activities

    The word “extracurriculars” is often related to activities such as sports, clubs, etc. Although there is a wide variety of school activities to join, they result in achieving the same goals and developing the same skills down the road. The activities someone chooses to do in their free time reveals a lot about a person, that test scores cannot do. These different activities offer promising results in the shaping of children. Participation in extracurricular activities can positively affect a…

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  • Why Extracurricular Activities Is Important

    Imagine: it is your first day at a new school. You feel anxious- you do not know anyone or where your classes are. All you can concentrate on are your previous friendships and school. You continue to focus on getting to the end of your school day. Why? Practice. Or, maybe you are going to attend a meeting for a club or activity. This extracurricular is the first time you feel you can actually enjoy your time in this new environment. You know that, within this activity, you have the opportunity…

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