Ttnq's International Market Promotion Strategy

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Invitation to attend a Skype teleconference to discuss the activities to be conducted:

To: Benedito Donizete, Amandini Barbosa, Ryan Fernandes, Patricia Fernandes
Cc: Thiago Augusto, Maria de Fatima
Subject: Report of TTNQ’s international market promotion activities

Dear all,

Please note that you are invited to attend a skype teleconference to discuss the incoming TTNQ’s promotional activities within target market Brazil. Please make sure you will bring along your valued contributions and recommendations to implement and improve the projected promotional activities. The intended promotional activities will be conducted on 10am Melbourne time, 28/05/2016 and will last around 2 hours. Please inform me whether you
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It will also provide the valuable business suggestions for TTNQ to avoid some business inefficiencies.
Business network 2: Government Agencies Building a good relationship with the local government, agencies will make our position better towards our competitors and help to connect and contact the local business suppliers and experts in an effective manner.
Business network 3: Lobby groups These groups have a big power of decision towards a very high qualified target. They can have both negative and positive comments towards the business operations from the overseas business operators and they pay attention to the social and environmental sustainability issues when dealing the business locally.

Part C: Review and report on promotional activities

To: Benedito Donizete, Amandini Barbosa, Ryan Fernandes, Patricia
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Therefore it will be easier to target these market segments.
• Determine the marketing goals and objectives: TTNQ has determined the budgets to implement the promotional activities and expected market response rates and sales revenue. Therefore it will easier for the further market performance evaluation and measurement.
• Determine the right product ranges and mix: all the marketing elements product pricing, packaging, functions and benefits have been reviewed and re-designed to ensure the products will attract the targeted Brazilian customers.
• Design the business images and messages: according to the target customers’ cultural differences, TTNQ needs to use different graphics, headlines and copy that grab attention and cause the reader to take action.
• Implement the projects: TTNQ will strictly follow its action plan and involved and initiate all the staffs to fulfill their roles and responsibilities during the implementation plan.
• Monitor and evaluate the promotional activities: TTNQ will design the key performance indicators and index to help measuring the implementation progress and quality level of each promotional

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