Importance Of Extracurricular Activities

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Being part of a school brings a lot of benefits, one of these is to be part of an extracurricular activity. These extracurricular activities are important to be considered in the students academic performance, because it helps to have a better physical and cognitive development. Exist a lot of activities, but in this paper you are going to know about the benefits, the development of the students, and how the family is an important support in this process.
First, exist a lot of benefits and developments being in a extracurricular activity. For example in school, since the beginning the teachers prepare the students to perform in public this causes a positive effect in child’s life. It is important that parents and teachers could get involved in students’ academic performance in order to help the, to improve their academic and personal
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That’s a good way to see and think about the life. Everyone wants the best, because we deserve the best, if you want or like something you need to have positive ideas. In thus stage is very important that the parents get involved, and talk with their child’s. The best question that the parents can make is “Are you happy?”.
In the same way the parents needs to give a economy support, because not all the extracurricular activities are free, or in some cases depending on the activity the students will need some material like, costumes, equipment, other teachers, etc. and the money is a very important roll, because sometimes the first class is free, or if you are the best in the class you are going to need more stuffs as mentioned before. The kid will be able to appreciate the effort of their parents, and in some cases since the child help with the money, like selling some toys, helping other people

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