Satirical Process Analysis: How To Be A Good Student

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Satirical Process Analysis: How to Be a Good Student Perhaps one the of the most tremendous mysteries for students is how to be an exceptional scholar. Hordes of pupils have strived to reach the top ten percent number and only few have sought after the famed population of the elite top one percent. There are a plethora of approaches that people have taken in the past to achieve this point of academic nirvana, but surely; they have failed. Students who follow these guidelines will indulge in the honor of seeing themselves soar to top of their class. The mark of a strong student is to prove your academic dominance by not trying in class. Monotonous labors such as classwork, participation, and engaging in group activities are futile. Academic …show more content…
Often times, inferior students do not know their place in the presence of an unparalleled being as magnificent as one is when they follow these steps, and as a result of this, it is one’s duty to beat them back into place. Teachers as well do not understand how to behave in front of a star of such high intellect and divinity. The only way to ensure that this comes to a halt is by beating down their spirits so that they may properly glorify the student one has become. To do this, one must ignore all other people at school, and if you must speak to them; demonstrate your uber-confidence by acting standoffish and arrogant. In addition to this, when peers approach one for help, assure that one does not help them at all. Teachers are not exempt from this treatment, no, for countless times they do not value your higher genius for what it is and treat you like a dunce. Remedy this problem by addressing them by their first name or mayhaps even insulting them, for they are not on your level. This issue of respect amongst peers and teachers is absolutely for a perfect student; always remember that respect is not given; it is gained. Furthermore, experiencing the joys of extracurricular education can become a bridge to higher learning; one does not simply only attend school. A myriad lowly students participate in extracurricular activities, yet they do not understand the purpose of school; this is why a perfect student must not involve themselves in clubs or sports. The organizations are designed as distractions for a student who cannot focus in totality on learning; they create an illusion of fun that the ideal student would never waste their time with. On the endeavor of becoming the best student, one must push aside these distractions in effort to complete more practical activities, such

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