Personal Narrative: American Red Cross And The Math Team

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Many students tend to join extracurriculars their friends join. Rather than picking the club that describes them as who they are, they drift towards activities that have more members or “look good” on college applications. When I was a freshman, I joined eleven clubs, signing up for whichever clubs my friends told me to. My email was filled with the dates of club meetings I could not recall joining. As the year progressed and I realized which clubs I had a passion for. Out of the eleven clubs I joined at the beginning of the year, I was only involved in American Red Cross and the math team. When I first joined American Red Cross, I only thought about blood drives. Although many of Red Cross events revolve around the blood drive, there was …show more content…
Being in a math team sounds boring and stressful, but I gained knowledge through the different math activities they provided. I gained a lot of math skills from participating in math madness and AMC.This showed me that math was not just deriving and integrating, but math was an application of those skills. Outside of school, I volunteer at Pomona Valley Medical Hospital Center, Volunteens, and Hwarang Leo Club. Pomona Valley Medical Hospital Center took me a step closer to my dreams. Throughout middle school, I was always asked the question “What do you want to do when you grow up?” I was always hesitant in answering because I have never thought about what career I wanted to pursue. After becoming a volunteer at Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center, I became positive that I wanted a career that could save other lives. Volunteering at a hospital not only made me sympathetic towards others but helped me decide my future. Volunteens is an organization for teens run by Diamond Bar. In this program, I was assigned day camp, a place where children participate in different summer activities. Before becoming a “Volunteen”, I was not particularly attached to

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