The Importance Of National Honor Society

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Bettering Yourself One of the most rewarding aspects of high school is all of the opportunities you have. This is the time where you can find out your interests and hobbies, who you are, and who your friends are. For example, my school offers about 15-20 different extracurricular activities; these include volleyball, basketball, baseball, softball, speech, play, FFA, swing choir, jazz band, and many more. Through these activities I found out I have a lot different interests and hobbies. I am involved in every aspect of the school and enjoy all of the opportunities and characteristics they have given me. Being involved means being in extracurricular activities or doing something in or for your school. Generations ago, even your parents’ …show more content…
National Honor Society is a very beneficial for a college application. If a student is in NHS, that means that they have good grades, involved in the school, and have good leadership qualities. It teaches participants that donating their time is a great thing. It makes them feel good that they are volunteering and helping others. Another great activity to be involved in is Future Farmers of America. In a community like ours, people do a lot of farming and wouldn’t have time for athletics or the performing arts. FFA benefits the individuals for later in life if they plan on becoming farmers. It also is for those not becoming farmers, just people who are interested in helping out their community. Tomales FFA talks about benefits of being in FFA. Some benefits are that there are many different careers to explore in agriculture. There are different studies to go into that you explore through FFA: animal science, horticulture, and medical. Another benefit for FFA that carries into all other activities, is that there are many different scholarships you can get to continue that hobby into college. Everyone knows that students can get scholarships for athletics because we hear about that all the time in school and even the news. But they can also get scholarships for dramatics like speech and the theater arts, along with band and vocal performances. In the United States alone, over $40 billion dollars are given away in scholarships (School Soup). There are different types of scholarships a student can get, there are full rides, half scholarships and different amount of money depending on the school and their ability. Overall there are different activities that can benefit them in different ways. Being involved in extracurricular activities in the school benefit a student’s

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