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  • Hangover Target Audience

    notion that popular music is only marketed to youth. Starr and Waterman also discuss the importance of older generations as a target audience when they examine the use of rock ‘n’ roll as a nostalgia factor for the baby boomer generation. One case study that can be used to examine the elements of comedy film trailers is the three installments of The Hangover: The Hangover (2009), The Hangover II (2011), and The Hangover III (2013). The Hangover trilogy is the highest grossing comedy film franchise and it is a good example of how a film franchise uses popular music to establish an aural branding and promotion of a distinctive sound across all three films. The…

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  • Lamborghini Aventador Target Audience

    The Lamborghini Aventador is one of the most iconic cars on the market today. Even since it started making cars back in the mid 60’s, they have forged the company’s reputation for making some of the world’s most futuristic cars. Lamborghini’s new car the Aventador is turning the automobile market on his head. The ad emphasizes that the new Aventador with its 700 horsepower is compared to a gun shot because of how fast it is and hope that the audience will be able to understand the sheer speed…

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  • Mug Target Audience Analysis

    Our first main target audience is office workers. Office workers involves in lots of paperwork and important document during working hours. Our mug prevent these important document and paperwork from getting wet because it has a special feature to be attached to the tables. For example, if an employee’s workplace is full of papers and documents, even if he accidentally knocked over the mug, he does not have to worry about the documents getting wet or ruined because the mug can prevent such…

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  • Mimco Target Audience Analysis

    The publication’s target audience is for young to middle aged woman in Australia that have strong relationships with their family and friends and may have a connection in one way or another to domestic violence who are heavily associated with social media. The sophistication of Mimco products would draw in an audience of woman that would happily spend a substantial amount of money for a beauty accessory as Mimco products are at a high-end scale within similar markets. Their use of the stylistic…

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  • Kent Bridgeman Target Audience

    Impact of Target Audience Target audience is definitely a marketing term, which focuses the writer to the bottom line, money. In order for writing to provide income, it must be desired by a specific group of people that are willing to pay for it. Kent Bridgeman states that writers need to “give away” their product in order to hook their target audience. Bridgeman also advised exceeding any genre or target audience’s expectation, this is of course the dream of every writer. Target Audience…

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  • My Goal Target Audience

    My directorial intentions and the intended impact on an audience My Goal My goal as the director is to get the show to captivate my audience, and for the audience to take away something meaningful from the show. I want my audience so enhanced by the play that they forget that it isn 't actually occurring. Nowadays people see to be less empathetic to others, and do not care as much as they once did. I want my audience to see my play and then start to think about their decisions and the kind of…

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  • Gossip Girl Target Audience

    identical to Gossip Girl’s runtime; 90210, airing from 2008-2013, again very similar run-time; and The OC with the different run-time of 2003-2007, but the target audience was and still is very similar. To begin, most of these shows implemented one or multiple factors from Gossip Girl. I address the runtime for context, though it is not different now currently accessing the show on Netflix, because all of these compared shows are in the related or recommended suggestions along with Gossip Girl…

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  • Hot Topic Target Audience

    There are numbers of things that make Hot topic so successful company and as a retailer as well. The Hot Topics have license to sell various products, like T-shirts, clothes, and accessories. The company is targeting younger people market. The average age of the Hot Topic employees is 25 year old, so they are experts on what younger people like and need. They offered modern and stylish clothing to attract younger people to buy from their stores. The interesting thing is that they also provide…

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  • Walt Disney Target Audience

    Disney consumers are also typically women about 25-44 years of age, and with families. In regards to their theme parks, a vast majority of visitors are six to twelve years old. However, Disney theme parks have attractions that people of all ages are able to enjoy. Disney’s Television network, Disney Channel, is extremely popular amongst kids ages seven to thirteen. The Disney Channel has a wide variety of shows, which young kids can enjoy on their own or with their families. Disney is extremely…

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  • The Advantages Of The Benefits Of Social Media Marketing

    BENEFITS OF SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING Marketing is the process of planning and executing the conception,pricing,promotion and distribution of ideas,goods and services to create exchanges that satisfy individual organizational objectives.Social media marketing,therefore, is basically the use of social media platforms to promote products and/or services. Social media marketing consists of actions taken to build and maintain desirable relationships with target audiences involving a product,idea or a…

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