Monitoring CSR Activity

While monitoring CSR activity, roughly we need to monitor it by three methods, as follows :
1. Internal Compliance Monitoring & Measurement
2. External Monitoring & Measurements

● Internal Compliance Monitoring
Monitoring and Evaluation are essential components for ensuring that CSR Initiatives are effective and are giving desired results. Monitoring and Evaluation can provide us with detailed information regarding the performance of policies, programmes and projects carried out in the due course of time. It helps us to understand the ground realities and analyse the situation and accordingly review them. In order to monitor and measure the effectiveness of the CSR activity, we need to form a team consisting employees from top, senior,
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Employees of the company should analyse the results of the survey and report to their seniors.
● Public Image Surveys : The employees of the company should carry out different types of trust surveys and analyse them so that the company can work upon the drawbacks of the activity.
● Waste Management : As ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyan’ mainly focuses on making the country clean and hygienic, waste management becomes the key measurement tool to analyse the functioning of the activity. The employees of the company should keep regular check on the waste produced and disposed correctly.
● Media Coverage : As media becomes the connecting medium between the CSR team and the audience, employees should keep a check on whether the impacts on the audience is positive or negative.
● Being Eco-Friendly : The company should hire professionals who may come up with products which are eco friendly, non hazardous and also making profits to the
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● Reporting For CSR
Reporting of CSR is an essential factor which contributes to establish a link between people and the company. CSR activities should be published on the company’s website, leaflets and annual reports. A good CSR report is essential as it provides valuable and impartial information to the investors, shareholders and customers to assess the company and invest in it. It also helps the external audience to build interest in the CSR activities of the company. Strong reports helps in ensuring a good social and environmental performance.

CSR should be reported to both internal and external organisations related to the company. The internal group consists of the employees and the board. The external group consists of stakeholders, shareholders, global investors, suppliers, government, private organisations and the remaining audience. CSR reports should be carefully prepared as they have a huge impact on company’s public image. CSR reports also adds credibility as an organisation in today’s market where everyone would willingly invest in the

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