Camphine Electronic Corporation Case Study

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Camphine Electronic Corporation Corporate Social Responsibility Policy
Camphine Electronic Corporation (CEC) is committed to be a responsible and successful company that contributes to economic and social life. We provide a program of management where continuous improvement of direct and indirect impacts is our priority. This Earth is our home therefore, we engage all efforts and our resources to mark our contribution to improve the world in which we live. Also, CEC recognizes the importance to conduct a business that protect the environment for future generations.We seek to provide our customers with an integrity service that respects our stakeholders and our environment. CEC is a company that is financial responsible for the strategies undertaken
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The environment needs to be protected since the rapid growth of the population have helped altered the ecosystems. For example, contamination, depletion of natural resources and climate change are important issues that affect the environment and they need to be addressed. Therefore, practices that help to control or eliminate these issues are of a major importance for CEC.The company has recognized the environmental subjects that are associated with their activities and their goal is be able to address the environmental issues accordingly. CEC has shown that by implementing social responsibility, environmental issues could be addressed in a manner where the environment is not being put into jeopardy. CEC has assumed the social responsibilities shown below to show a responsibility act towards the …show more content…
CSR activities reflects the needs of the community.
Activity reports to stakeholders are appropriately disclosed.

Workplace: Providing a safe environment is vital for CEC. Accidents like injuries or even deaths are seen in many organizations, therefore the need to have a safe and healthy work environment is important for CEC. Financial resources are used in order to have preventive measures to reduce accidents in the workplace. CEC goal is to provide our workers a safe and healthy work environment. CEC has assumed the social responsibilities shown below to show a responsibility act towards the workplace.

The results of the investigations of accidents or issues in the company are used in order to have prevention action plans to diminish accidents in the workplace.
Education and training are important in order to provide a safe workplace environment.Communication between the employees and management are vital in order to provide workers a place where their lives are valuable.
Personal protective equipment (PPE) are important and therefore there is the need to understand what kind of training is needed in the workplace and the proper use of

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