BHP Billiton Case Study

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BHP Billiton is an Anglo-Australian multinational mining, metals and petroleum company with its headquarter in Perth, Australia. According to the revenues in the year 2013, BHP Billiton is the world's largest mining company and Australia's largest company. They specialize in mining, processing and oil and gas production at sites in over 25 countries, such as Canada, Chile, Peru and many more. Their main products happen to be coal, copper, iron ore, petroleum and potash. In BHP Billiton, the safety of their employees is of the utmost importance. Great effort is invested into the management of their safety risks. In the year 2015, BHP Billiton took part in an International Council on Mining and Metals (ICMM) working group to build …show more content…
One such stakeholder who affects or is affected by BHP Billiton is the Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs). BHP Billiton is an extremely large company with uncountable operations. If they were to take even a single step to help protect the environment, it would cause a great tidal effect that would contribute very much to the preservation and conservation of our environment. Thus it would be of the best interest for the NGOs to help large companies that have substantial impact on the environment, such as BHP Billiton, to protect the environment or, at the very least, cause minimal damage to the environment.
. BHP Billiton is the largest mining company in the world according to the revenues in the year 2013. Therefore, they have many mine lands. Rather then leaving them abandoned, BHP Billiton can cause a major change and heal the scars of nature wrought by mining activities through the reusing of abandoned mine lands, especially the reforestation of abandoned mine lands. However, more than the money that BHP Billiton has to offer, the reforestation of abandoned mine lands requires time, effort and skills which cannot be afforded by BHP Billiton but can be provided by willing NGOs. The cooperation of BHP Billiton with NGOs like Eden Reforestation Project can bring a drastic increase in the number of trees in the world which in turn can increase the amount of oxygen in the world and reduce the greenhouse

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