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  • Animal Testing: Pros And Cons

    Every day animals all over the world are unwillingly and harshly treated as experimental objects, to be used for unnecessary scientific cosmetic testing. Across the country, about 26 million animals every year are used in and as experiments. They are used to figure out the toxicity of medications, discover and develop medical treatments, participate in food and chemical tests, and, most especially, make sure certain products for humans, such as cosmetics and other personal care products, are safe for use (“Animal Testing: Pros and Cons”). Many different types of animals are used for animal research and are used in such experiments all over the country and world today. These actions done on these animals are unjust and unnecessary. Cosmetic…

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  • Benefits Of Human Testing On Animal Testing

    Animals? “The question is not, can they reason? nor, can they talk? but, can they suffer?”(qtd. in Should). Millions of animals endure human product testing. Even though they are not as advanced as humans they can still feel and suffer. Common human products are tested on them in different test dealing with toxicity. These tests are unnecessary, costly, and don’t predict reliable results but the truth is ignored. Animals are very different than humans and the millions of dollar spent to test…

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  • Is Animal Testing Right Or Wrong

    care deficiencies, and submit evaluations. This helps keep companies in compliance with laws and regulations they must follow. Cosmetic testing is huge part of our society. Tests are conducted on every type of makeup or lotion you could put on your body. Rabbits, guinea pigs, mice and rats are the most common animals used for this type of testing. There are people that find it very important to know whether or not their products were used for animal tests or not, while others simply aren’t…

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  • Charles Darwin Theory Of Animal Testing

    tests and it can create more suffering to animals. Tests on animals have unbeneficial results. Just like the Buehler test there are thousands of numerous tests. Some of these tests are called Draize eye test, acute toxicity test, mutagenicity test, etc. The Draize eye test is a test that cosmetics industry do to determine eye irritation on chemicals. In this test, rabbits are used. Rabbits are placed with a substance in one eye. During this process, rabbits are restrained and their eyes are…

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  • Animal Testing Papers

    “Animals that develop toxic injury or disease during toxicology research and testing studies often experience significant pain, distress, suffering, and/or death. Nearly all of the estimated 2000 new chemicals and thousands of chemical products introduced each year must undergo acute safety tests to determine whether the substance is toxic or lethal and whether it causes allergic skin reactions or damage to eyes or skin. Much of this acute testing is still conducted using mice, rats, guinea…

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  • The Harmful Effects Of Experimentation On Animals

    Animals have saved many lives throughout history. Why would we want to hurt these innocent creatures that help us everyday and bring joy to our lives. The researchers who subject poor and innocent animals to testing do not give them a choice. The researchers put animals through inhumane ways of product testing, while there are humane ways to put an end to this. Makeup companies keep experimenting on animals because it is a easier; it takes time to switch to more humane methods, plus animal…

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  • It's Time To Stop Animal Testing: No Go !

    (Dr. William Parker, Animal Welfare Investigator) Due to the inherent differences between animals and humans, drugs and procedures that work in animals often end up failing in humans. According to Health and Human Services Secretary, Mike Leavitt, “Nine out of ten experimental drugs fail in clinical studies because we cannot accurately predict how they will behave in people based on laboratory and animal studies.” A significant amount of time and money, not to mention animal lives, are wasted in…

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  • Animal Testing Cosmetics

    In the kitchen. In the bathroom. Possibly in a loved one’s bedroom. Products that have been tested on animals can be seen everywhere. These products can range anywhere from cosmetics to drugs to cleaning supplies. Companies involved with animal testing include Johnson & Johnson, Iams Pet Food, Kimberly-Clark with Kleenex, Mars Candy, and Trojan Condoms (8 Products). With individuals becoming more aware of the issue, the conditions in which these animals are kept and the treatment these animals…

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  • What Is Wrong With Animal Testing

    Animal Testing According to People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), over 100 million animals are killed every year in the United States only for educational purposes and for testing potential medicines and products. Although animals have been the subject of experiments since the 300 B. C, it was in the nineteenth century that those experiments became widespread (Orlans 3). With the dissemination of this phenomenon, the popular conscience grew and became a worldwide issue (Orlans 3).…

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  • Why Is Animal Testing Outlawed

    especially vulnerable to mistreatment and abuse. “Within laboratory walls, what happens to animals has no limit. Only those who are helped by the faculty itself are protected” (About Animal Testing : Humane Society International.). Try living as a prisoner in a small, lonely, cold cage your entire life and not being able to do anything about it. Anything can happen to you, you are helpless to defend yourself. Animals that are in testing have red bloodshot eyed due to the things that are put into…

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