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  • Ad-Blockers

    place ads on their websites. However, a growing number of users have grown tired of seeing ads pop up in their faces and have responded by installing one of many ad-blocking programs available. As a result, whether it is coming up with their own subscription model or trying to eliminate the use of ad-blockers entirely, companies are trying to find new ways to gain revenue. However, these companies are going to need to be very careful with how they approach the AdBlock problem. To prevent the catastrophic effects ad-blockers could have in the future,…

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  • The Ethics Of Ad-Blocking Essay

    In an age where advertisements permeate the Internet, many people have discovered ways to counter invasive ads. Adblock is used for a variety of reasons, from blocking a mere annoyance to avoiding an epileptic seizure. By using Adblock, content on websites can load faster, use less bandwidth, and even get rid of native advertisements. However, there is more to the eye than just evading an annoying ad; some people may not realize how it affects site hosts, as much of their money is gained by ads.…

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  • Advertising: What Is The Secret Of Persuasion?

    as ethos, pathos, and logos in order to make emotional connections with them, rather than trying to promote their product as the “best.” What makes one product superior to another is not the product itself, but rather the social and cultural implications behind it. The ads Rock, Paper, Scissors by Android, Adblock (and the last video ad you’ll ever see) by Adblock, and Legendary Trailer by Pokemon Go, exemplify how companies use both rhetoric and social science to influence…

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  • The Importance Of Viral Marketing

    what worked and what didn’t in the short term. Now, social media allows a marketer the chance to see how successful their ad is within hours of their first posting. Shares, retweets, likes and generated buzz are now just as important as views, and a campaign can be broken if it cannot stimulate enough of these social media impressions. Linking back to the first factor, you must create something that is both exciting and noteworthy in order to convince consumers that your ad is worthy of sharing…

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  • The Importance Of Information On Social Media

    taken by the surveillance system of Facebook to put me into a Filter Bubble. This action proves that Facebook is actually watching over my actions, and recording all of my activity for data. “Obscurity is the idea that when information is hard to obtain or understand, it is, to some degree, safe. Safety, here, doesn 't mean inaccessible. Competent and determined data hunters armed with the right tools can always find a way to get it.”() Clearly, this sentence defines what happened with my little…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Online Tracking

    Tracking is both good and evil, just like money. It is not the tracking that is evil, it is the way it is used that is evil. There are some very creepy tracking services out there, including one called Canvas Fingerprinting, which is extremely difficult to block. Most tracking today is very stalker like, and it needs to be tamed into a reasonable service. Tracking is a necessary evil, but that does not mean that the government should not do anything to help regulate this growing industry. Even…

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