The Importance Of Information On Social Media

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Facebook is the new era of information. As millions of people become integrated with Facebook, information can quickly be outsourced and unfurled through society. This ever growing social media network is information central for opinions, facts and day to day activity which can be monitored by millions of people, allowing small events to become a trend in a matter of hours. For my Communication project, I used this information central to test out theories which were covered in class, and see if I can find enough evidence to either prove or disprove them. Theories such as “Advertisements based on Facebook posts”, “Differing results due to social media” and lastly “Social media can allow false spread of information” were my main focus, and I …show more content…
I contacted a few people who commented on my post and asked them if they knew that when I wrote “Yeah, but he turned a few millions into billions, and his bankruptcy was false, he did it so he didn’t have to pay millions of dollars in taxes” was true. Many said yes, and some claimed that they knew I was bluffing all along. Clearly, I convinced many of my friends that Donald Trump faked his bankruptcy, and it was inconceivable that many thought I was actually correct. Sharing information on social media is an easy tool, since everyone is interested in each other’s lives. People want to stay informed and need something to talk about. Due to social media, there is always a concept that can be used to spark conversations or just allow people to stay informed. People desire information, and social media is the easiest source to gain this knowledge. I realized creating information on Social Media is one of the easiest tools, since many are gullible, and believe any resource for information. Since the only people who accessed my posts were friends, they had no reason to not believe me(why would a friend lie?). Facebook and Google also started to create their own information for their database. They started to conceive my actions and started to propel Donald Trump’s views and accessories to fit my beliefs. Lastly, the posts had some useful information shared. Rather true or not, people started to post how Donald Trump is unreliable because he will use up American resources for a wall, and how he believes global warming is a Chinese propaganda. This creation of information was done through comments and were just arguments against my

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