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  • Self Reflection Essay: Personal Development As A Child

    After some self reflection, it’s without a doubt my personality has been shaped from how I was brought up and those who were around me as a child. To give you some background, I was born in Addis Abebe, Ethiopia. My father passed away when I was at the age of 3 and my older sister at 5, leaving my mother as a single parent. To this day, my mother is the strongest woman I know. Three years after his death, my mother applied for the lottery to come to America. In the summer of 1996, my mother won resulting in us packing up and moving to a foreign land with little clothes and little knowledge of what to expect. Moving to America with two young children was not an easy adventure for my mother. She left behind her great job, home and family to provide…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Immigration To America

    and me that we might be coming to America. To me, this place was a fantasy, most of the wonderful things I heard seems so unreal. I haven’t even been to any cities in Ethiopia in my life, but I am moving to America. I was beyond excited and happy, to know that I will be reunited with the rest of my family. I was excited that I will for the first time get a solid education. I was excited to know that my life in America will be more than a stay home mother. I was excited to know that women have…

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  • Manale Dagnew: Fashion Designer, Artist

    role during the war. She was captured by the Italians at the age of 16, but managed to escape and rejoin her husband. Manale’s father later served his country as governor and senator before he succumbed to his death leaving behind a young wife, 4 children and many dependent family members. In the late 60s, after she lost her husband, Manale’s mother ran for parliament, and in the early 80s she single handedly created a very successful restaurant business supporting her family members until her…

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  • What Does My Parents Mean To Me

    I was born in a small village located in the country side of Ethiopia. My parents got divorced when I was only six month old. After the divorce was finalized my grandparents took the responsibility of raising me because my mom was not ready to raise me by herself. When I was ten we moved to Addis Ababa, the capital city of Ethiopia but I didn’t get the chance to go to school because the school was too far to attend. In about a year I got adapted. my adapted parents have other 3 biological kids,…

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  • The Importance Of Inclusive Education

    2002). Inclusive education allows students with special needs to be placed and given instruction in schools. The provisions of inclusive education services get more attention by different international conventions and conferences. According to the 1991 Education for All convention and United Nations International Children’s Education Fund ([UNICEF], 2000), it was expected that impaired children would meaningfully gain access to the necessary inclusive education services. Ethiopia has also…

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