Manale Dagnew: Fashion Designer, Artist

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Manale Dagnew – Ethiopian born, fashion designer, artist, and entrepreneur

Synopsis: Manale Dagnew has left a lasting impact in the world of haute couture wedding gowns in America. She went on to become one of the top 5 respected bridal designers in the U.S. and was awarded the Magic Jones Award for her achievements in 2000.
Manale’s story begins in Gondar, Ethiopia. As was the custom at that time, her parents arranged marriage resulted in a true love story. They were quick to be recognized as two of a kind with love and respect for one another. Fashionable dressers, brave and genuine, they both came from prominent families of warriors of Begemider, now Gondar. During the Italian invasion, her father Dejazmah Dagnew Tessema, a hero to his
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This incredible journey has been a great tool in guiding her to redefine and shape her exceptional work as an artist and a designer of wearable art. Creating and passing on her passion to others became her way of life. As an internationally recognized designer, producing and making high-end bridal and evening wear in the U.S., Paris, India, Dubai and China became the norm. However at this moment in time, Manale felt the need to give back to the present generation of Ethiopia to honor her beloved parents. The desire, belief and exception of a best outcome were the prime motivations to combine her Ethiopian heritage and therefore establish Manale …show more content…
Manale’s cousin set up a meeting with a very knowledgeable woman who has worked with many different organizations. It was at this lunch meeting, and while sitting in the garden by the main entrance she heard a voice and looked up. For a moment she was in a trance. Time travelled back and forth with sweet nostalgia from over 40 years. The little girl in a boarding school recognized the young lady standing in front of her, her sister by misfortune who lost her father so young and who had walked in her shoes. This meeting not only helped Manale set up the fashion house, but also pushed her to embark upon the toughest challenging 5 years of her life. She grew professionally and artistically. This monumental journey connected her to the being. The fog cleared and brought her closer to a stronger spiritual connection in recognizing honesty and guiding her to live an honorable life. Armed with a new awareness, she began to contemplate and connect to the trees, grass, earth, water, sun, moon and stars. She understood the temporary concept of the shame associated with serving others and the conviction to life within

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