Analysis Of Drinking Coffee Elsewhere By Zz Packer

Drinking Coffee Elsewhere
In Reading the written work Drinking Coffee Elsewhere by ZZ Packer. This Literary work shows a resemblance between the author ZZ Packer actual life, and her character Dina. ZZ Packer attended Yale University and was also a reclusive person as a child.Packer expresses so much of herself in her writing, through her character in order for her to bring her thoughts and the real world together. ZZ Packer paints a picture in the reader 's head to help the reader understand the outsiders and the disenfranchised of today society. Packer is well known for writing literary work that creates characters who are not bound by the societal norms of today 's society. The reader is able to gain insight into the life of an African
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Dina is a very intelligent young girl, who performed academically well as a highschool student. Because she was so successful in her primary school endeavors she got the opportunity to attend the college of her choice. Once she reaches college, Dina changes from a middle class honor roll student into an insecure girl with a very brutal outlook on life. She is not afraid to be different from the crowd and not abide by the rules of traditional college society. Her very solemn outlook on life seems to have stemmed from her unforgiving environment she left at home. Dina is just a typical rebellious African American girl, who leaves behind her middle class good girl roots. Throughout the story Dina shows her self reliance by resenting help and accompaniment of anyone who tries to assist her. This literary work is an ongoing battle between Dina and the …show more content…
Dina father abusing her mom and potentially leading her down a stressful path to death became the catalyst in the start so much of Dina denial that she held in her heart through the stories key situation. Her father destroyed the image of men in her head, which stopped her from feeling attracted to guys. This leads to the denial of her lesbianism and potentially the closest thing she has to a love life.
ZZ Packer Literary work Drinking Coffee Elsewhere shows how denial can limit the total outcome of your situation. Dina let Denial get in the way of her emotions, relationships, and her heritage. Is Dina did not that get in the way, the outcome of this story would in return be would much different than it

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