Haute couture

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  • The Game Of Fashion

    designer used his knowledge to create this work of art, inspired by something that caught his eyes and created it into one piece. Fashion can be defined as the most powerful art form there is because involves history, art and movement all put into one. Although fashion has a lot of history the two important parts of history in this subject is before and after World War II. As we all know Paris France has always has been the capital of fashion. Paris is where Haute Couture was establish, Haute Couture means: high sewing and until this day Haute Couture is still used. In the 18th century people wanted always to imitate the king and queen of their country, especially the aristocrats the people closest to the royals, and royals love the extravagance. Royals had their favorite designer and aristocrats always wanted the same tailor of royals to make their garments so they could be at the same position of the king and queen. Before going to World War II people had to go to tailors to have a quality product which haute couture was on its highest demand. During WWII fashion paused while France was in war, after coming back the mood of the country and the world changed, people wanted something different and Coco Chanel introduced ready to wear collections which was dresses and garment produced in mass but were also high quality. Art is really important in fashion process; the first step when creating a garment is the sketch. The sketch is an idea of how you want the outfit to be…

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  • Personal Essay: Fashion Is A Piece Of Beauty

    a material world, is a piece of art that not everyone understand. An art where every detail reflects their own beauty”. When I was little I always looked up for fashion, but I always said I was going to be a doctor, fireman, clown and dancer. I start growing up and I start to touch and feel fabrics, see how clothe was made, which colors and looks where in the season and to draw pieces that no one has and that where fashionable but beautiful at the same time. I always felt I was doing it right…

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  • What Is The Importance Of Fashion In The 21st Century

    Fast fashion is way more affordable than haute couture and designer ready-to-wear. Fast fashion does not have an excellent quality of clothing compare to designer pieces and in general on piece can last up to two seasons. This type of fashion has become so popular in this century because it gives the middle class opportunity of having fashion on their hands. So what is unique of fast fashion? Its secret is to make catwalk styles affordable, adapting rather than copying labels such as Prada and…

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  • Fashion Analysis

    In western society, fashion defines both the collective temporary liking for ways and attitudes of dressing and a complete appearance industry. The prosperously developed industrialization and emergence of haute couture in the latter half of the 19th century indicated the birth of modern fashion. The 20th century was also an important stage for the historical development of fashion industry, for it witnessed the female emancipation, ups and downs of the haute couture, sensation brought by the…

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  • Modern Fashion Research Paper

    The history of fashion can be traced back to the beginning of the 19th century but I have chosen to write about the 20th-21st century. There are two basic modern fashion categories Haute Couture and Ready to Wear. The difference between Haute couture and Ready to wear is that Haute Couture is custom made whereas ready to wear clothing is made in big bundles of the same thing. Haute Couture is French for ‘high sewing’ or ‘high dressmaking’ or ‘high fashion’. Haute Couture is exclusive custom…

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  • Charles Fredrick Worth

    He left Gagelin and partnered with Otto Gustav Bobergh, a Swedish man with enough business experience and money to invest, to open his own store in the first floor at 7 rue de la Paix in the 2nd arroundissement. He started with 20 seamstresses and by the 1870s had over 1000 employed there. Charles developed Haute Couture when he made clothes from his own ideas and presented the finished clothes to them for approval. “While [Charles Worth] still created one-of-a-kind pieces for his most important…

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  • Christobal Blenciaga Case Study

    He first fashion show took place in the Ave. George location, introducing his Spanish Renaissance influenced couture collection in August of 1937. Many of Christobal’s garments had an interpretation of other styles that were seen as historical. He had become known for a design which was a square coat that had a one piece sleeve with a yoke, it was named the square coat. Balenciaga had become such an icon in the industry that his clients had been willing to make trips to Europe during World War…

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  • Christian Dior Fashion Trends

    influences will be discussed considering the contextual factors after and during the period 1939 to 1945. As will the trends, economical and artistic factors, which let Christian Dior to create the revolutionary look. How did this change the fashion industry for the upcoming years and set Dior to be one of the leading designers in the world. The rationing of textiles and fabric materials used in the garment production during the Second World War launched a new simplicity in fashion – hemlines…

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  • Fashion In The Nineteenth Century

    changing mores of society concerning the place of women in the city. The growing industry, opening of shopping malls and the subsequent changing habits helped define the “new woman” as their position in society and toward the men shifted. For starters fashion had always been a means to show one’s status to others, with the apparition of shopping malls and the rising of ready-made clothing industry people could now purchase better clothing for a lesser price thus reducing the gap between…

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  • The Role Of Flappers In The 1920's

    that were quite ‘body-revealing’ so the author says. They were also the first of many who started to get into makeup. They wore dramatic lipstick, drew circles under their eyes, and used eyeliner. All of which, was not common in society. As the fashion of flappers settled in, other people started to take a new fascination into fashion. During this century there was a mass production of clothing which allowed people from poor to wealthy to enjoy fashion. Fashion was a way to express themselves…

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