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  • My Greatest Contributions And Accomplishments In Education

    III. Professional Biography (two double-spaced pages) A. What factors influenced you to become a teacher? Describe your greatest contributions and accomplishments in education. My mother always alleged I became a teacher because I loved to chat, but more than that I loved to share. As always, my mother was correct. She believed in me, as well as numerous Tyler ISD teachers (TJ Austin, Bell, Moore, and Robert E. Lee) who educated me well and for this I will be grateful! It is my longing to believe in my students and encourage them to be the best they can be each day! From my earliest recollections I knew I desired to be a teacher. My bedroom closet served as a one-room school house where I taught Raggedy Ann and Andy, an overstuffed bear named Brown, and Cleo the Clown their ABC’s and how to add. In 1969, my mom enrolled me in Kindergarten at Caldwell Playschool. I wept for the entire first day after my mom walked me into my Kindergarten class. Both, Mrs. Albritton, my teacher, and my mother assumed it was due to me missing my mom; however it was because I thought I was attending Caldwell Playschool to be the teacher, not a student. It wasn’t until I stepped into Mrs. Estelle Barber’s Fourth Grade classroom at Bell Elementary School that I fell in love with learning. She didn’t teach from a book but from an array of hands on activities, several of which I incorporate each year into my classroom. Thinking back, Mrs. Barber provided me with my first teaching job. A…

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  • Social Criticism In Red Oleanders By Rabindranath Tagore

    Abstract: The play “Red Oleanders” is first written in Bengali language under the title “RaktaKarabhi”. Tagore conveys the message that the Utilitarian approach and vast industrialization throughout the world would resulting in diminishing human compassion and cause Ecological Imbalance.So he used characters as a metaphor of human instincts such as greed, power, envy, love, trust, and sacrifice. The play Red oleanders is a One-act play which follows the Aristotle’s rules. He fallow’s three…

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  • Art Appreciation: The Miner By Elizabeth Biesiot

    Art Appreciation FA2330 Written Assignment Houghton’s The Miner The Miner (1979) is a bronze statue by Elizabeth Biesiot in the city of Houghton, Its body is of bronze and its base is of stone: the Miner’s left hand takes a pickaxe. The right hand, take a barrel. Also on his head with a miner 's hat. The miner statue reflects the history of the Houghton city. In the other side, it does the same thing as the Vietnam War Memorial: the miners do a good job of the art should do: It not only…

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