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  • Laws Of Nature

    First, the end of the commonwealth is the maintenance of peace and the protection against a common enemy. Hence, it is explicit in the purpose of the commonwealth that subjects covenant for the sake of their self-preservation. It follows that covenants that disallow the subjects from protecting their bodies are void (Chapter 14, 29). Second, the commonwealth being a purposive institution, the Sovereign’s management of the polity must align with its end. The Laws of Nature are general precepts meant to guide the Sovereign in his tasks put a better definition of what the laws of nature are and why the sovereign is not bound by them. However, the Sovereign is not bound by law or obligation to follow these tenets. The means used by the sovereign…

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  • Thomas Hobbes Leviathan Argument

    In comparison to last week’s readings, I was not very interested/intrigued with The Leviathan or the Matter, Form, and Power of a Commonwealth Ecclesiastical and Civil. For this reason being because I had a rather difficult time following Hobbes’ argument and tried to make the best comprehension about what was going on. When comparing Hobbes to previous philosophers that we have knowledge on, I believe that Hobbes was not very focused on the point he was trying to make and tended to jump around…

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  • Similarities Between Hobbes State Of Nature And Absolutism

    The sovereign has legal authority over the state and has the ability to execute anything it wants. In absolutism the sovereign is indivisible and cannot be divided into different divisions of power. In Hobbesian sovereign the sovereign judges what beliefs are taught to the commonwealth and the sovereign determines what is necessary for defense of the commonwealth. The sovereign has the power to appoint ministers as they are not elected, make war, appoint judges and to determine all property…

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  • Puerto Rico

    This island enjoys the right of self-government, but is associated with the United States and also holds the title of commonwealth. This title was given to the island as a means to begin the decolonization process, but has been left unaltered. The residents elect Puerto Rico’s local government every election season. Its governmental structure is identical to that of the United States, both systems include the three basic branches of government, the executive, judicial, and legislative branch.…

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  • Comparison Of Thomas Hobbes Second Treatise Of Government

    According to Hobbes, the laws alone in the "state of nature" are not sufficient. Hobbes said that it is a necessity for people to have somebody or a higher influencer to enforce or implement rules and throughout the imposition of these laws comes harmony within the city. Everyone enters the commonwealth for serenity and their own protection. With this, Locke agrees with Hobbes on the development of a commonwealth. As stated by Locke, man authorizes to enter the commonwealth for their serene,…

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  • Political, Social And Economic Assessment Of North Korea

    It states that “the executive power of the Commonwealth is vested in the Queen and is exercisable by the Governor-General as the Queen 's representative, and extends to the execution and maintenance of this Constitution, and of the laws of the Commonwealth.” However, in reality, the executive powers belong to the Prime Minister and the Cabinet. By convention, the governor-general is appointed by the leader of the party after the party that has the largest number of members of the House of…

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  • Leviathan And Jean-Jacques Rousseau's The Social Contract And The Discourses

    unity through the establishment of a commonwealth. A commonwealth is a form of governance where a group of people consent to absolute sovereign rule over them. The contract of a commonwealth is to give up many of your natural rights to another individual. These natural rights are given up with the understanding that everyone else in the commonwealth is also simultaneously giving up the same natural rights. Hobbes believes that this social contract of a commonwealth is the only way to prevent…

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  • Australia And Canada Essay

    could afford and once powerful nations were struggling to stay afloat. The Great Depression was an extremely intense and difficult era for the Commonwealth, it provided reason and fuel in the search for independence and autonomy for Australia and Canada.These nations which were independent to a point, self governing, though still were not sovereign states. Essentially being dragged into the pit of fire because of their association with Britain. Many of the authors cited in this paper have…

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  • Personal Narrative On Boston's Inferno

    at one point. I died on April 10th, 2018, on my 21st birthday, in the strange city of Boston. During that fateful night, my friend Erin Valley and I were walking down Commonwealth Avenue, returning home from the seventh bar of the night, reveling in our ability to legally drink. Several of my friends had been present during the night, but Erin and I stayed the longest, celebrating my new freedom. As we walked down the street, Erin grabbed my shoulder trying to keep herself steady, while I…

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  • St Lucia Essay

    government, that was set up by the British. However, “in 1959, St. Lucia joined the West Indies Federation, under which it was proposed that the British Caribbean countries should proceed to independence as a federation” (thecommonwealth.org). The federation dissolved in 1962, due too many disagreements among its members. By 1967, St. Lucia was becoming a full internal self-government by receiving a new constitution. John Compton was the Prime Minister at the time of independence and being…

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