Haymarket affair

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  • Haymarket Affair Collection

    The Chicago Historical Society has created a digital collection of Haymarket Affair primary sources. Many of these historical documents capture the immediate news after the bombing or depicted a specific viewpoint. It is broken into seven subgroups: The Trial Documents, Published Materials, Additional Manuscripts, Artifacts, Broadsides, Photographs & Prints, and Wood Engravings. The trial documents are by far the most interesting primary source. They are broken down into five subgroups of their own: Outline of Proceedings, Examination of Jurors – Selection, Witness Testimony, Exhibits and Proceedings at the Illinois Supreme Court. An interesting document in the first subgroup is the Petition for Change of Venue. It stresses that the defendants…

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  • The Haymarket Massacre

    international May Day, a holiday celebrating the lives lost in the labor movement. Sadly, President Cleveland though celebrating May 1 would cause everyone to remember the riots and the communist factor, so he moved it to September, our current labor day (Steven 1). It’s sad that there’s always that underlying fear of revolt, even though everywhere else in the world celebrates May 1 as May Day. There are some very arguable points to the side that the Haymarket Affair only hindered the labor…

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  • Emma Goldman's Influence Of Anarchy

    In 1886, Emma Goldman caused mayhem and created her own legacy in America. It was not until 1886, where Goldman actually started to impact America. In 1886, the Haymarket affair occurred. This event was when a group of anarchist through a pipe bomb into the market, killing citizens and seven police officers. “These were anarchists charged with the murder of seven Chicago policemen in the Haymarket riot of early May, 1886.”(Chalberg 25). This is what really made Goldman an anarchist. Goldman…

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  • Totalitarian Tactics

    The patterns of media manipulation and police repression which were established during Haymarket and Berkman’s assassination attempt were reinstituted in full force after the death of President McKinley. Media outlets quickly accepted that Czologsz was indeed an anarchist despite only having attended a few of Goldman’s speeches and being identified as a possible police informant by anarchist leaders. In absence of good journalism, newspapers capitalized on public fears and reverted to their…

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  • American Labour Movement Analysis

    to blame for the death of police officials then the leaders of union and reformer groups. I feel as if the state felt that the leaders should take the responsibility of the actions of someone else since they are the main reason for the organization of the protest. It seems as if this judgement was reflected on the fact that the eight were on trial for their political beliefs and not necessarily on their actions on the evening of the Haymarket Massacre. In the aftermath of the Haymarket Square…

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  • Forbidden Love: The Concept Of Love In Romeo And Juliet

    Shakespeare has a wife, kids, a lover and on top of that, he falls in love with a new woman. The love in this century is being quite misunderstood. Viola is getting married away, which is not a common thing in the modern-day Denmark. We are quite far back in time, and the whole entire concept of love in the movie is marked by that. Take the example of when Shakespeare finds out that his lover is unfaithful. He gets angry, but as the movie continues to play, he forgets all about her. He simply…

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  • Female Gothic Sub-Genre Analysis

    It will have you wondering what is coming next, scene after scene. The background music causes the audience to feel the thrill and horror plus some suspense. It also causes a scary mood to set in. Those who enjoy watching romantic, love Dramas can also enjoy this episode. Although, this is not your typical Drama, you will be allowed to see through the psychological lens of a women who is suffering from a miscarriage and how her family decides to cope with it. Her husband could be the reason why…

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  • Shagun's Infidelity Analysis

    changed mentality of the new woman. Sometimes Shagun feels guilty due to her infidelity, but always overcomes by thoughts of Ashok and his luxurious life and status. Shagun feels secured in the company of Ashok but at a weak moment, she tells him that she wants to go back to Raman, he refused her and stopped from doing so. Ashok always persuades Shagun by reminding her about luxurious life for which she yearned long before. Shagun feels torn between psychological and social struggle. She finds…

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  • What Is The Relationship Between Gatsby And Daisy

    socioeconomic status. Tom has a string of affairs in which he does not care for either woman and only cares for his own gain. Tom commits to having two different relationships in which he leeches on the benefits of both, he cares not for Daisy 's or Myrtles feelings and only worries…

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  • Reflective Essay: The Differences Between Leadership And Powerpoint

    questions. I monitor, track, train, mentor and report completion to those above me. I am accountable for what is done right and wrong and it reflects on my ability to lead. Even as a senior Marine I must know the responsibilities of those senior to me. Admin is a never ending job and as we get more senior in rank we go to the senior positions. In those senior positions, It is nice to see that the clerks that you had 5 – 7 years ago have made their way up the ranks and are now in that billet…

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