Summary Of The Film 'The Graduate'

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'The Graduate’ (Nichols, 1967) is a comedy that uses a three-act film structure and includes its major structural elements. The film depicts a recent college graduate (Dustin Hoffman), whose feeling of a lack of purpose results in his life becoming dominated by his relationship with Mrs. Robinson and eventually, her daughter Elaine. Act I establishes the key characters; Ben, his parents and their friends, including, Mrs. Robinson. The audience is empathetic towards him and likely wanting to see how things will play out; this act includes the inciting incident and plot point one. Act II, includes the midpoint, where Ben comes to terms with his feelings for Elaine, and plot point two. Act three, resolves the film. It appears that the soundtrack illustrates the story; ‘The …show more content…
There is no camera movement and the shot choices are similar; over the shoulder shots from Mr. Robinson onto Ben; but the use of a mid-shot implies he is less out-of place here, more of an equal with Mr. Robinson. It is reminiscent of a Film Noir, chiaroscuro lighting, cigar smoke and a rainy night, suggest that these two men are flawed male protagonists while, Mrs. Robinson, the Femme Fatale drives the plot. In regard to performance elements, Hoffman 's eyes are motionless, suggesting a kind of certainty that Ben lacked earlier. The editing and pace is much slower than the inciting incident; implying that Ben wants it to be over and it ‘drags-on’ in a sense’. Ben’s dialogue is relatively considerate, as he paces himself trying to convince Mr. Robinson that all will be okay in the end. Ben, approaches Mr. Robinson and the scene cuts to a wide shot as Mr. Robinson shouts “Stay away from me Ben”, Murray Hamilton 's performance builds up from calm to angry. Ben becomes the intimidating character, something of a monster in this scene, it is uncertain whether Ben can be with Elaine or not this question drives the resolution/third

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