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  • Plot Analysis: Film Techniques

    1.1 Plot is an events that occur in a story, it is a series of an events which gathering from a beginning to an ending of a story. Plot is a significant factor in order to present a story, it has both of simple and complex plots in order to analyze film. The key elements that using for an analyzed will have the chronology as follows 1.1.1 Exposition is a first procedure of a story beginning, convince the audience to follow a story, introduce characters, display settings including to a significant detail to proceed a story. 1.1.2 Rising Action is a story that continue from an exposition, an important actions or conflicts of characters will begin to be more complex and serious. It leads to the beginning of conflict which make the audience keen…

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  • Romeo And Juliet Plot Analysis

    Romeo + Juliet: a summary Imagine that you are to explain the main plot and other interesting details of the movie Romeo + Juliet to a person that you do not know very well. This means that we can be a bit informal in our language, but not our grammar and punctuation. The summary should be around 300 - 400 words, Ariel and 1.5 spacing The summary should include: Film title. Plot: what happens in the film? Does the plot make sense? Is it easy enough to follow? Is it believable?…

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  • The Gunpowder Plot In Shakespeare's Macbeth And The Gunpowder Plot

    Macbeth and the Gunpowder Plot On March 24, 1603 Queen Elizabeth the first of England died and her reign was gathered by King James the sixth of Scotland. With this new leadership, many citizens began to have hope for the future of their country. Prior to King James ' possession of the throne, Britain had decades of controversy between the new Protestant religion, and the tradition Catholic beliefs. Because King James had a Catholic mother, wife, and daughter it seemed as though he would turn…

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  • Pulot Play Plot Play Analysis

    The script PLOT POINT presents with an original and creative voice. The story combines psychological drama with an action thriller. There are several strong themes that are skillfully incorporated into the plot about freedom, second chances, and life choices. The script presents with a non-conventional structure in which two parallel stories are told. One is the protagonist’s “reality” and the other is the protagonist’s fantasy story. However, the script cleverly pulls both worlds together. The…

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  • Summary Of The Film 'The Graduate'

    film depicts a recent college graduate (Dustin Hoffman), whose feeling of a lack of purpose results in his life becoming dominated by his relationship with Mrs. Robinson and eventually, her daughter Elaine. Act I establishes the key characters; Ben, his parents and their friends, including, Mrs. Robinson. The audience is empathetic towards him and likely wanting to see how things will play out; this act includes the inciting incident and plot point one. Act II, includes the midpoint, where Ben…

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  • Analytical Essay On Cash And Diamonds

    DRIFTED is crime-thriller drama within a sci-fi time travel plot. The idea is very creative and imaginative. The story contains solid themes about fate, destiny, second chances and making the right life choices. There’s a lot to like about the script, but at the same time, the plot is very challenging to follow and it lacks clarification. Thus, the script would benefit from further development. First, the story begins well. The idea that a small time crook can see pieces of the future is…

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  • Themes In Military Science Fiction

    Military science fiction has grown up over the years. Gone are the days when a simple plot would suffice. Readers demanded more of an intricate story, something they can proverbially sink their teeth into. They do not want something that could be read in hours. Because of this demand, story plots are more complex today than in earlier years. In the stories presented this semester, storylines varied, but there was always once central theme: survival. Characters were built up more to accommodate…

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  • 500 Days Of Summer Analysis

    workers at a greeting card company and eventually became something more. Tom and Summer than began to build a relationship more than a friendship. In the end Tom gets his heart broken and Summer end up married. Life is so funny. Overall it was a reasonable movie . What made this a great movie was the characters, the plot, and overall the look of the film. Typically in movies the girl is the one who gets her heart broken not in this movie. Tom was the one who feelings were crushed. Rachel his…

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  • Summary Of The Novel The Challenges Of Zadie Smith's NW

    Challenges of NW Zadie Smith’s novel NW, like Small Island, seems to be seeking to bring about a greater sense of solidarity among English subjects. Its style of development, fragmented just as is Small Island’s uses varied narration in each chapter and broken pieces of plot which the reader must gather together and it would seem that it would equally invite readers to empathize, sympathize and unite as a nation, yet this does not happen, in spite of talented writing and excellent reviews by…

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  • Time Lapse Movie Analysis

    to decide on a mystery, or suspense type of movie, filled with real life situations and crazy plot twists. And also Let’s say one comes across the movie Time Lapse which premiered in 2014. This movie is about a group of friends racing against time, in order to stay alive. Should they keep secrets? Should they inform someone about this mysterious machine? Bradley King (Director) will let one be the judge of that. This film is for an audience that looks for a suspenseful hour and forty minutes…

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