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  • Pneumothorax Research Paper

    A pneumothorax is a condition in which air gets trapped between the lungs and the chest wall. This pressure causes the lung to collapse inward onto itself. As member of both the Army National Guard and Army ROTC, I am very interested in this topic since it is a serious injury that can occur due to traumas on the battlefield. In army lingo, this injury is referred to as a sucking chest wound. We are instructed to treat it during basic combat lifesaving courses. I understand that medical treatment in a hospital for this type of injury is different and am interesting in learning more about it and the differences in treatment. I am also curious about exactly how these injuries can occur and ways to prevent them. This is especially important since it is a risk to all soldiers, whom I will be in charge of when I commission as a second lieutenant this upcoming May. There are some factors that I already know of that we are told to look for that may cause a thoracic injury such as a pneumothorax. Any fall greater than roughly three times the height of the patient is one possible cause. Blast injuries as well as gunshot wounds to…

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  • Query Pneumothorax Case Study Essay

    Case study This case study is going to describe the details of a chest examination undertaken on a 36 year old man who was involved in a road traffic collision (RTC) from the emergency department. The request card for the examination had the following clinical details: 'Cyclist involved in RTC, query pneumothorax'. Pneumothorax is a condition whereby the pleural cavity holds an accumulation of air resulting in the collapse of the lungs due to the pressure exerted on the lungs by the air…

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  • Lymphangioleiomyomatosis Research Paper

    Consequently, the addition of more cells can prove disastrous. With less room available, air cannot “move freely in and out of the lungs. In some cases, this means the lungs can’t supply the body’s other organs with enough oxygen” (“What Is LAM? - NHLBI, NIH.”). Therefore, LAM can be considered a “multisystem” disorder with symptoms affecting various parts of the body (“Lymphangioleiomyomatosis - NORD (National Organization for Rare Disorders).”). The symptoms, and the severity of them, depends…

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  • Essay On Pneumothorax

    Post-Biopsy Care and Complications: After the procedure is done, the skin nick is cleaned and dressed, and a repeat scan is obtained to rule out the presence of a pneumothorax. Most institutions obtain two post-biopsy chest radiographs, one immediate baseline and a repeat 2-3-hour study, to ensure no enlarging pneumothorax. The patients are observed until the follow up radiograph is obtained while fasting in case a chest tube insertion is needed (Fig. 5). The patient is discharged if the follow…

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  • Creative Writing: What Do I Think, Goo Man

    will not fall asleep in my class. If you feel tired, you will get up and go stand in the back of the classroom. You will not talk. You will not eye-fuck my classroom. You will pay attention to every word.” Next to me, Anderson is rocking back and forth from one knee to the other as he sits cross-legged on the mat, “”I can’t go back, I can’t go back, I can’t, I can’t,” he repeats over and over under his breath. I want to ask what the fuck is wrong with him as he begins to shiver uncontrollably,…

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  • Abnormal Breathing Patterns Essay

    Breathing is not just a matter of breathing through inspiration and expiration. Abnormal breathing patterns deals with the absent of breath sounds at certain times and the presence of normal breath sounds in certain areas where they are normally not heard. There are different types of abnormal breathing patterns that are caused with certain illnesses such as Cheyne-Stokes respiration, Kussmaul breathing, Biot’s respiration, apnea, paradoxical breathing and apneustic breathing. There are…

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  • Emphysema Case Study

    left thorax with drainage under suction. Subsequently the orpharynx was cleared. A resuscitation bag and mask were used to ventilate the patient with high-flow oxygen. Endotracheal intubation was then performed, using a laryngoscope so the trachea could be directly visualized. The patient was then ventilated with the help of volume-cycled pressure of 6, and a tidal volume of 700 mL. Daily chest radiographs and ABGs were used each AM to adjust the ventilator settings. Define the following terms…

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  • Modern Medical Practices During The Civil War

    Modern medical technology and procedures save lives everyday. Some of the modern medical practices that we use today started in the Civil War. In a modern war, the majority of American soldiers will die due to enemy fire. Over two-thirds of the soldiers that died in the Civil War perished outside of the battlefield. There was a killer that was not fully understood, disease. (Dixon 2013) The Civil War is known as the deadliest war that the United States has ever engaged in with approximately…

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  • Polio Case Study

    Immanuel History Project Polio was a shocking disease in the 1960, affecting large numbers of the population. What changes has the vaccine had upon Australian society? “The highest recorded incidence of poliomyelitis in the country Australia was 39.1 per 100,000 population was in 1938”- Polio was a highly contagious virus that entered the body through the mouth. The virus spread across Australia taking the lives of many…

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  • Birt-Hogg-Dube Syndrome Research Paper

    fibrofolliculomas. It is important to get seen by a dermatologist to check the type of skin lesions before getting a genetic testing for the BHD. There are treatments for fibrofolliculomas, but unfortunately, those are only cosmetic and remove skin lesions temporarily. Treatments can cause side effects and may leave scars. There is no treatment to prevent the new growths of fibrofolliculomas. Lungs The BHD cause patients to develop pulmonary cysts, which leads to have spontaneous pneumothorax.…

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