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  • Hawaii Language

    result of the English Standard School System, an ever-increasing military presence and a growing tourism trade, Pidgin was perceived as an impairment to one’s education, entering the job market, and Hawaii’s future in general” (34.) The “lack of knowledge of the English language” involving non- haoles brought upon a stigma that declared them “uneducated”. It even went to such an extent of considering them to be intellectually impaired. An article was published at the University of Hawaii at Manoa with serious analysis of a study concluding children to be handicap. An article written by: Madorah E. Smith states, “it is apparent that that the non-haole children in Hawaii are retarded in language development,” (37). The study was concluded with this analysis because when non-haole children “speak English, the number of errors per thousand words averages for every group higher than the number which the monoglots make at three years of age,” (37). In other words, children of non- Caucasian descent are “retarded” in speech development. Madorah concluded that, “The children in Hawaii from non-haole homes are retarded in language development to a degree so marked that, on most criteria, at the time of school entrance they are at about the level of three-year old children from a less polyglot environment. The retardation is due to two handicaps: the prevalent use of pidgin English, and the biliginualism of many homes,” (37). Many children’s education suffered due to this…

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  • The Importance Of Standard Language In Schools

    However, the "norm" dialect varies. Fromkin, Rodman, & Hyams (2011) note that "SAE is an idealization. Nobody speaks this dialect" (p. 440). Dialects A dialect is a variety of a language which differs grammatically from other forms yet remains mutually intelligible to speakers of other forms the same language. These differences may be lexical, phonological, syntactic, and semantic. Additionally, dialects may be regional (spoken in a geographic area), social (social class by socioeconomics,…

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  • My First Language Analysis

    Philippines so my mother tongue or my main language is Ilocano but I knew how to speak Tagalog as well. I speak these languages along with my family while having conversations and being here in Hawaii for 13 years made me glad that I haven’t forgotten to speak our native tongue. I’m a person that knows more than one language and like Lisa Kanae not only she can speak standard English but also Creole English, which is “pidgin”, that’s very common here in the state. Kanae’s Sista Tongue taught me…

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  • The Importance Of English Language In Nigeria

    Some of the consequences of English language being dominant were identified in an article by Mustapha (2014). They are the linguistic and communicative inequality. English Language has created a barrier or hierarchy amongst citizens of Nigeria. We have the elite group who speak “queen’s English”, some who speak “Nigerian English – pidgin” and others who cannot speak English at all. It now becomes difficult to interact with people who are not in your class thereby making English fail at its role…

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  • Bilingual Language Research Paper

    Language is one of the most powerful factors behind the influence of social behavior. Language is used – socially – to transfer information about who we are, where we come from, and who we associate with. One may be shocked to realize just how much we – as a society – tend to judge someone’s background, character, and intentions based solely on an individual’s language, dialect, or even the choice of a single word. The study of language contact focuses on how speakers of differing languages can…

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  • Papa New Guinean Language

    Kassie Tulenko In Kulick’s article “Anger, Gender, Language Shift And The Politics Of Revelation In a Papa New Guinean Village” he focuses on a synchronic view of culture and language in Papa New Guinea to argue for broader diachronic shifts. Kulick describes two languages, Tok Pisin and Taiap, and speakers’ use of code switching between these languages to index gender, intelligence, and sociability. The men use the formal language, Tok Pisin, which indexes education, Christianity, and…

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  • Stylistics In The Weary Blues

    Literary Stylistics and the Creation of Weariness in “The Weary Blues” This paper will focus to use the relative knowledge of literary stylistics, deviation and foregrounding to analyze Langston Hughes’s poem “The Weary Blues”, and use strong evidence from the poem to support the argument of Hughes’s use of literary stylistics to create and highlight the sentimental elements of weary in this poem. The weary sentimental elements are significant to the theme of this poem. Blues is the music in…

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  • Essay On Hawaii Language

    ʻōlelo Hawaiʻi Hawaiian Language should be a mandatory class for students in Hawaii. Students should take a Hawaiian language course in high school to gain knowledge about the first language spoken in Hawaii. Being that this is Hawaii and that it was the first language here, everyone should have some knowledge of the traits of their homeland. There have been many improvements made to better the language. It should be mandatory to keep our native language alive, gain some perspective of the…

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  • Miley Case Study Answers

    Final Case Summary I learned a lot about Miley over the two months that we worked together, but I learned about the things she likes through our interest survey. One thing that Miley really likes is winter, and she drew a snowman for me on her interest survey. She also told me that her favorite subject was the park, which I believe means recess. She really likes the televisions shows Mutt n’ Stuff, Wendy, and the Lion Guard (which is a spin-off of Lion King). Her favorite book is Tap Tap Bang…

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  • An Essay About Hawaii Vacation

    beginner-sized waves, becoming a pro will naturally come after a few go-arounds. Another fun thing to do in Maui’s awesome ocean water is snorkeling. Maui has great coastal areas for snorkeling that will reveal breathtaking ocean settings and creatures. These are just a few of the “extras” that can be experienced in Maui. One of the most fun things to experience in Maui, or Hawaii in general, is the Hawaiian culture. A way to experience the culture is to attend a luau. A luau is a feast or party…

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