Ohana In Hawaii

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Imagine an island where the ordinary is extraordinary. A luau, a glimpse of the aloha spirit that brings guest and islanders in a memorable setting. Experience what it means to have an Ohana; a unique extending love to everyone. Take part of the many adventures which are fun for all ages, whether a romantic getaway or a family vacation. When it comes to vacation destinations Hawaii is an unforgettable trip and worth the investment.

Experience the rich cultural heritage of the Pacific Islands. Back in the old days, luaus were initiated by King Kamehameha to celebrate for what was provided throughout the year. Today, this extravagant feast in Hawaii uses Hawaiian foods with a mixed assortment of international food. Some of the local favorites are; laulau, poke, lomilomi salmon, poi, and kaula pig, just to name a few. During a luau there are Tutus and Aunties cooking, Hawaiian music playing, and laughter fills the atmosphere.

Family is important in Hawaii, as it is in other places, however, Ohana, which is the Hawaiian word for family, extends beyond the blood relatives to include a circle of good friends. A customary way of calling everyone is by using “auntie” and “uncle” to communicate endearment and respect, even if they aren’t related. Long strong hugs and kisses on the cheek are an island tradition to the Ohana we
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Climb the historical mountain Diamond Head, known for its breathtaking 360-degree view; overlooking the gorgeous Pacific Ocean. Visit the Pearl Harbor monument and soak in a bit of history and pay your respects to lives that were lost. Spend the day at the top ten largest mall Ala Moana Shopping Center; here you’ll find over 340 merchants, local specialty stores, fine-dining restaurants, and an international food court. Be open to unveil the unique hidden gems found on the

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