Film Analysis: Delightful Ohana Tattoos

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Delightful Ohana Tattoos – No One Get’s Left Behind

“Ohana" means "family." "Family" means no one gets left behind." This quote is from the Disney movie Lilo and Stitch (2002). In this cute film, a little Hawaiian girl adopts a strange looking dog who is actually an alien. The word “Ohana” was made quite popular by this film and many people still chose to include it in their tattoo designs. Today we will look at these ohana tattoos in a little more detail.
The word “ohana” is from the Hawaiian culture and it means family, but not just in the traditional sense. Family in this context includes extended family and friends who are so close that they think of themselves as family. It also means that they family sticks together and always support
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This also ties back to Hawaii and represents a “go with the flow” island attitude. Turtles are also considered to be totems of positive change, patience, longevity, and endurance – all of which are very important for someone who is family orientated. Polynesian or tribal turtle designs are also quite sought after.
With Stitch – With his big ears and eyes and strange looking teeth this little blue character stole a lot of hearts. To tie in with the movie quote many people like to include a rendering of this loveable alien experiment in their ohana tattoos. Sometimes they may include the entire quote and sometimes just the single word.
With Hearts – Hearts are hip designs that can be included in any design but when they are added to this type of tattoo design they generally represent the love that the person feels for their extended family i.e keeping them close to your heart.
With Butterflies – Butterflies are a powerful symbol of beauty, change, and freedom. Including a butterfly (or a few butterflies) not only looks pretty and adds color but it also symbolizes that you are a free spirit but enjoy the security and grounding that your family provides. In the Japanese culture, the butterfly represents a person’s soul – this sends quite a powerful message about how much you value your loved

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