Personal Narrative: My Place At Seaworld

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Do you have a favorite place? I know I have a favorite place it is SeaWorld because people are so joyful there and it is a really pleasant place to go to if you need to go on a vacation this spring break or this summer. Now I will be talking about their activities there what you could do there when you go there you want to. I would also talk about the appearance like how it looks and more. Mostly but not least I will be talking about their food like what they eat in Florida or do they eat the same food like we already do now.
SeaWorld has great activities to do here you will enjoy doing them enjoyable activities. They have great shows they do for all the people who comes there. You could watch the Dolphin Day show we did and it was a stunning show but it was really crowded. Then there is a One Ocean show that is where there is killer whales and they do treakes for whoever is watching them and they will get you soaking wet because the person who trained them is telling them to but you will be tasting like salt water all day unless you change your clothes you won’t. You could look at all the animals we did and you can read all about them that was pretty cool. Or
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They got the best pretzels because they put a lot of salt on them. The pretzel was at Mama’s Pretzel Kitchen. This place also does other food than pretzels. When you look at the pretzel your tongue will be licking your lips cause they look so good and they taste amazing. They also got seafood and it is pretty good also well it depends on what you are getting. When we got a pizza it was hot and all that cheese was coming off cause they put too much cheese on all of the slices like we had to hurry up and eat the cheese if not it woulded feel onto our laps and we would have a burn. There food was really great and they always came out hot and not cold like most restaurants does. And I love to eat and that is why Mama’s Pretzel kitchen was my favorite

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