Glass House Mountains Persuasive Speech

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For all of you Aussies who thoroughly enjoy intense and unusual landscapes, Queensland's Glass House Mountains National Park is a place not to be missed. Whether you have a long weekend or a national holiday to celebrate, the domineering 11 Glass House Mountain peaks will fire almost anyone's imagination with a terrain that's unusual--even for typically laid-back Australians.

Just What Are The Glass House Mountains (GHM)?

A group of jagged hills that are actually volcanic plugs left over from a long, bygone era in prehistory, the GHMs abruptly jettison forth from Queensland's picturesque Sunshine Coast Hinterland. Each of the 11 towering craggy peaks lead through lush, open forests with walking trails reaching a separate lookout with
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Extra Things To Do

- A 22-minute helicopter flight from Caloundra will give you thrills as you fly over your home town and the GHMs both.
- Moreton Bay Marine Park offers visitors 90-minute jet ski tours of the park from Caloundra. You'll also have a adrenaline rush just skiing through atmospheric mangroves while taking in the spectacular volcanic scenery. Prepare to see rare wildlife like dugongs, dolphins and turtles in their home surroundings.
-The Lookout Cafe overlooking an undulating valley filled with mango trees, offers visitor an excellent spot for picture-taking.
- Parrots In Paradise at 2 Barrs Road, is not your typical tourist attraction. Being part of a non-profit animal shelter, boarding kennels for parrots and beautiful exhibits of these amazing birds make this sanctuary a well worth visit.

For now, our trip ends to the strangely beautiful Glass House Mountains. Arriving on the Steve Irwin Way, or the Glass House Mountains Tourist Drive, your holiday spent on the Glass House Mountains will leave you wanting more of these impressive peaks and their spectacular

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