Descriptive Essay: The Unstressed Golf Home

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Since my blog title is "The Unstressed," I'd like to suggest one of my favorite places to get, well, unstressed. If you are ever in the United States and happen to travel to Chicago, Illinois, don't forget to check out one of the best golf courses in Chicago--at the Chevy Chase Country Club.

This is a true favorite of mine. Not only is the golf course 100 percent pro in every aspect, the green is found in the middle of some of the most picturesque scenery you'll ever find in a golf course setting.

The course on the Northshore of the estate grounds has 18 beautiful holes of golf to enjoy along with all of the amenities. The golf holes are challenging, but not so much that you can't relax. After all, that's the purpose of my "Unstressed"
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While it's not a full scale restaurant, it does have enough delicious food to choose from and is the perfect way to relax with friends and family alike after playing a few holes of golf.

I especially like the architecture on the course--English country Tudor. It's beautiful and lends in well with the theme of a day in the country out of a busy fast-paced lifestyle that you find in Chicago.

Being this is a world-class golf course, in a country club environment, you'll especially appreciate the various events that you can plan if you make a return trip. Weddings, birthdays, graduation parties and you can always count having the golf course opened during holidays throughout the year.

The attention and service you'll find here is among the best found anywhere. Their professional staff at both the golf course and country club will help make that outing of yours an event to remember.

So, remember to check them out at Chevy Chase to you'll really enjoy your trip to Chicago. And if you don't play golf, not to worry. You can always take in the sights by visiting their web site, or better yet, visit them onsite when you're next in

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