Personal Narrative-Town Golf

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The day started like any other, but the same could not be said for how it ended. I arrived at the town golf course, Longshore, about 30 minutes before my tee time. There was slight cloud coverage, minimal wind, and a comfortable temperature. Glints of sun through the clouds periodically illuminated blades of grass, almost signaling for the ball to be hit there. The bentgrass took a deep, rich shade of green from the recent douses of rain. The course looked inviting and manicured, taunting players to challenge it. From the numerous balls in the water and into neighboring backyards, I would say that it has a pretty good win percentage. I walked to the practice green in order to roll a few practice putts, make a few short chip shots, go through a quick stretching routine, and take a multitude of practice swings. Just like any other round, the thought of shooting par, playing to the level that the course was designed for, had crossed my mind. I have played the course probably over a hundred times. However, none of them met my goal of a par-level nine holes. The par for the front nine is thirty-five strokes.The closest I had come was a +2 thirty-seven. I could taste the happiness and relief, and I knew it was something within the realm of accomplishment. At the same time, it still seems to be unattainable. All golfers strive to shoot par, and only the very best are able to …show more content…
We had been on the journey of trying to catch success in golf together. We both decided to to stop playing baseball, and pursue golf, with little prior experience. We still try to play together twice a week regardless of the conditions. A friendly competition to see who can improve the fastest, spurred us to stay motivated, even with the daily frustrations that golf brings. We poured over professional golf, equipment, and various techniques. Soon enough, we decided that at least one of us would reach that seemingly mystical number of

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