Most Difficult Golf Course Essay

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Three of the most challenging things on more difficult golf courses are water hazards, sand traps and narrow fairways. Each of these situations can present a unique test for any golfer’s skills, especially someone just learning to play the game.

Golf jargon refers to each of these using some humorous terms, like in the drink, on the beach, or buried in the rough. But, if you test your golfing merits as a beginner-golfer on a course with too many of these challenges, you may found your afternoon at the links to be anything but funny.

If you are just learning to play the game of golf and would prefer a more enjoyable afternoon with fewer difficult situations, try to book a tee time on a course without this trio of tests of a golfer’s skills.
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Picking a golf course with few, if any water hazards, can help you learn to focus on your shots without the distraction of landing your ball in the drink.

It’s a Trap

Sand traps can frustrate even the best golfer, so imagine how challenging they can be for the beginner. Hitting out of the sand uses a different strategy than hitting the ball off a tee, or even while its lying on the grass. Sand presents a host of problems that are best avoided as much as possible by a new golfer.

While there are usually at least a few sand traps on about every golf course, those that are placed along the fairways, far from the hole, can be the hardest test. When the sand trap is close to the hole, you will be able to use a sand wedge to at least get the ball up and “off the beach” as they say. Fairway bunkers can multiply your shots for a round of golf very rapidly.

A golfer must either have experience using a distance iron out of the sand, or basically waste a stroke using the sand wedge to put the ball back on the green grass of the fairway. Either way, for the novice golfer, a course with a larger number of sand traps can make for a less than enjoyable afternoon on the links.

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