Brief Summary: The Island Of Luana

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Luana—happiness and pleasure. The Island of Luana is a place where people can come to be happy and to enjoy life. Just like any other island people come here to get away from reality and have a nice vacation. We have fought for many years to not be a part of the United States and to able to call it our own island. Luana is a very big Island, the size of Texas and Oklahoma put together. This island has many things that need to be done to it. The government is not very good and we have to vote on establishing a democratic government. Our governing document is called The Island Rules this is helping to set a guideline on what needs to be done to have the best government possible. There are many things that are being decided about how to run …show more content…
We have checks and balances so no government system can become too powerful. The government can always check and make sure the other one is doing what they are supposed to be doing. ‘For example, Congress can enact laws, but the president has veto power over congressional acts. The Supreme Court has the appoints the justices of the Supreme Court, with the advice and consent of the Senate.’ (34) Everything always has to check and balance so nothing goes wrong. That is something that is done in our every day lives so it really should be an easy concept for this country. The Supreme Court is able to declare presidential actions unconstitutional and also they can declare congressional laws unconstitutional. The president nominates federal judges. The president can also refuse to enforce the Court’s decision. The Congress can rewrite legislation to circumvent the Court’s decisions. The senate confirms federal judges and congress determines the number of judges. The president proposes laws that are introduced by supportive legislator and can veto congressional legislation. The president will also be allowed to make treaties, executive agreements, and executive orders. The Congress makes legislation and can override a presidential veto. The basis of the political factions is the same as the ones in the United States as it is in Luana. We have the Macs, which is the same at the Democratic Party in the United States, and also the Kors, which is the same as the Republican Party. There will be many roles in both parties. First the parties will have to select their candidates running. Then the parties will have to check each other out. Usually when a party does not hold the majority vote in Congress they have to try and keep that party from gaining all of the power. Both parties have to speak to the public and inform them of what is going to happen and what their plan is. Last, organizing the government and making sure

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