Persuasive Essay On Homeless In Hawaii

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Homeless In Hawaii

Throughout the world, there is a growing issue of an increasing population of homeless. Throughout the Hawaiian islands the homeless problem is a gigantic issue. The island of Oahu is hardest hit with the issue and the homeless population is growing. Homeless in Hawaii is the largest problem ongoing in Hawaii at this moment and will be until a solution is presented. There’s a lot of issues happening in Hawaii such as, Mauna Kea or the rail project on Oahu, but the homeless is much more severe and without a solution it’ll slowly cause Hawaii to crash. The islands are overpopulated, has a high economy, upset natives, beautiful lands being abused, and numerous of other issues branching off the single issue of homeless in Hawaii.
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There is a high population of homeless in Hawaii because the cost of living is high including the pricey housing. Hawaii has the worst homeless rate in the country! The severity of the issue has gotten the mayor to sign off that homeless are not allowed to sit in busy areas throughout five in the morning all the way to eleven at night. Laws against normal homeless actions are becoming illegal, such as, camping (not recreational of course, but on the streets as a home), sleeping in cars, loitering, and begging for money. (“Paradise Lost” The Economist Newspaper). Hope Services Hawaii has shared many statistics of the homeless issue in Hawaii. Throughout the year there’s a total of twelve thousand and up to fifteen thousand homeless on the island at one point and time. On any given day at least six thousand, three hundred are homeless on the islands. Eleven percent of the homeless population is children and fourteen percent is veterans. The sad truth about the homeless in Hawaii is only thirty-two percent is actually Hawaiian. That mean two-thirds of the homeless population in Hawaii shouldn’t be there in the first place. (“Facts” by the CEO of Hope Services

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