Essay On Homeless People In America

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Homeless People in America How do people become even become homeless? Does anyone even care that we have homeless people in this world today? But what if you didn’t have a home? Could you imagine that? Where would you go? Where would you sleep? Where would you put all your “stuff”? Sadly, for millions of Americans each year, they have no answers for those questions. Who are these people? They’re the nation’s homeless. Growing up seeing people homeless was one of the saddest things that I have ever saw. There are so many reasons why people become homeless and there are people that still do things on an average regular day bases. To become homeless there is not really just one cause or reason why there are several reasons. Homelessness can be caused by: poverty, unemployment, lack of affordable housing poor physical or mental health, drug and alcohol abuse, gambling, family and relationship breakdown, domestic violence, physical and/or sexual abuse (Salvation Army, 2014). For a brief period back in the '80s, homelessness was the chic issue of the pretty people. It was worthy of galas and …show more content…
I grew up in an areas I seen a lot of homeless people before. Most people for whom be the homeless even so be the retired veterans from the military. It disrupts virtually every aspect of family life, damaging the physical and emotional health of family members, interfering with children’s education and development, and frequently resulting in the separation of family members. Homeless people are often lonely and disconnected. For many people is not simply a 'housing problem '. Social, economic and individual factors also have an influence on whether someone becomes homeless. Hopefully one day we as American come together and we have system that everyone could live by and no one would ever be out on the streets and would not eve have to worry about homeless people

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